BRI peek Satellite Launch Location

Satellite-owned PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI) will be launched on Friday, June 17, 2016 at the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana.

Guiana Space Center is a European satellite launch center belonging to the European Space Agency (ESA), which had stood 40 years with an area of 700 square km. French Guiana itself is an overseas territory of the French, which are located in South America.


Position Kourou been so central European satellite launch, because of its location close to the equator. French Guiana neighboring Suriname also has stable weather. Making it suitable for a rocket launch.

BRIsat satellite carrier rocket made by Arianespace, the French maker of rockets. While satellite BRIsat created by SSL, companies from the United States (US). Already there are 520 satellites launched by Arianespace. In 2015 then, Arianespace recorded a turnover of 1.4 billion euros.

BRIsat is the fifth satellite launched from Indonesia Arianespace, and the bank’s first satellite launched this company.

No Name rocket launcher Ariane 5 is assembled at the Guiana Space Center. Type 2 rocket can carry a satellite. BRIsat addition, these satellites also carry a satellite ECHOSTAR XVIII.

we and a number of members of the media had the opportunity to see a satellite assembly until the launch control room, on Friday (17/06/2016) Kourou time.

Amenities Guiana Space Center is very extensive. Throughout the eye can see, looks vast forests, and a number of assembly facilities. Security was tight by the number of fully armed soldiers. There are about 1,700 workers in the working space at this Guyana.

Satellite BRIsat weight reached 1872 kg, and after refueled weighed into 3.540 kg.

BRIsat will reach the service area of Indonesia and ASEAN, East Asia, most of the Pacific, and Western Australia. The satellite will have a 36 x 36 MHz C-band transponders and 9 x 72 MHz Ku-Band.

There are 45 transponders dimimiliki BRIsat. Of that number, four transponders will be allocated for the benefit of the country.

Rocket assembly process to insert the satellite into it takes about 30 days. After the satellite and rocket are ready and there is no problem anymore, then moved to the rocket launch site or launchpad.

In addition, we see the control room looks empty. At launch, the space will be filled by 120 people who were preparing to launch automatically. The pilot will operate a rocket from the room.

The launch time will take about 56 minutes. Seven minutes before the launch, the countdown will be automatically performed by the computer in the rocket that will work.

Satellites will take 10 days to reach orbit at 150.5 degrees east longitude. The point of this orbit was previously used by PT Indosat Tbk (ISAT).

BRI will be the first bank in the world that has its own satellite. This moment is a historic moment for the Indonesian banking.

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Coping with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a type of cancer is the number two killer of women Indonesia after cervical cancer (cancer of the mouth or neck of the womb). Therefore, this disease needs to watch out. Early detection of this disease will increase the chances of survival are. Does being a woman can become immune to breast cancer? What should be done to prevent it?

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the abnormal cell growth in breast tissue person. When you have reached an advanced stage, breast removal is sometimes performed for patient safety. This is certainly a scary thing for a woman.

Breast Cancer

Almost all cancers have a specific cause. For example the majority of cases of skin cancer caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. While lung cancer caused by smoking. But there is no single definitive cause for breast cancer.

Several factors could be the cause of breast cancer. Eg genetic, environmental, and hormones may contribute to breast cancer. Women are vulnerable to these factors may have a higher risk.

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

No one knows exactly what causes breast cancer. Based on the statistical results, most breast cancer patients are women aged above 50 years. This means that the older a person, the better the chance of developing this disease is great. Another factor influencing is family history. If there are families who suffer from this disease like a mother or sibling, the chances will be even greater. Breast cancer can also be caused by previous cancer in other organs that spread to the breast. Or if there is a history of cancer in other organs.

Another thing that can trigger cancer is lifestyle. Frequent consumption of foods containing chemicals or carcinogenic, alcohol, or smoking.

Preventing Breast Cancer

One breast cancer prevention is a healthy diet. It is estimated that one in three breast cancer cases are due to dietary factors. A good diet will help to maintain your immune system and this is the most powerful disease prevention. Although there has been no food that can cure cancer, eating certain foods and reduce certain other foods can be a precaution.

Foods rich in fiber, can help lower levels of prolactin and estrogen, possibly by attaching themselves to these hormones and put them out of the body. It can suppress the late phase of carcinogenesis (cancer formation). In addition, reducing saturated fatty foods can reduce the risk. Soybeans and soy products without fermented can inhibit tumor growth.

Vegetables are rich in vitamin A, such as carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, vegetables and dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and mustard greens, may help. Vitamin A prevents the formation of cancer-causing mutations. As for fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Lumps in the breast area may indicate the possibility of breast cancer. But not necessarily all lumps mean cancer because it should be examined further for certainty in the hospital or doctor.

The key to survival is to detect breast cancer early, before it has a chance to spread. Another indication of this disease is a lump in the armpit, breast pain, change in the color or texture of the breast, nipple drawn into, areola (the area around the nipple brown), or on the nipple. In some cases, breast cancer is detected from the discharge from the nipple yellowish, greenish, or pus.

The key to survival is to detect breast cancer early, before it has a chance to spread. One cause of the high mortality from this disease due to lack of awareness to detect the symptoms are there. Generally after to the complaints of heavy, new patients to consult a doctor which often means the cancer is in an advanced stage. Therefore, when the disease has reached an advanced stage, it will be difficult to cure.

Check Breast Self

So that people, especially women can perform breast examinations on a regular basis, then created a movement called Realize or Sarari which stands for “Breast Self Check”. It is recommended that the examination was performed 1 month after menstruation approximately 4-7 days after menstruation.

In this examination, things to do are:

  • Standing in front of a mirror with your shoulders straight and your hands on the waist. See if there are physical perubaan your breast, such as changes in shape, size or color of the breast.
  • Raise both hands up and notice that there are no physical changes in the breast that look.
  • Press nipple and see if there is a discharge from the nipple.
  • Lie down and touch the right side of the breast with his left hand and so on. Create a pattern of play and feel whether there is a lump in the breast and more.
  • When sitting or standing try to massage the breast to find out if there is a suspicious lump. Raba underarm area to the abdomen to check.

Be aware of the movement can be made by the spouse to his wife. Or the husband can remind his wife to conduct regular checks Realize. The role of the family certainly can facilitate the detection of this disease.

If You Hit Breast Cancer

When someone was diagnosed with breast cancer, most patients will immediately be emotionally devastated. They feel a death sentence, although the patient may be cured even more when it is still in early stages. In advanced stages, emotional and psychological impact can cause a depressed cancer patients. It can worsen the situation. For that, it needs the support of the family or friends.

Breast cancer patients should tell their family or friends because people need the support of those closest to the emotional aftermath endured. It is normal if the patient does not want to tell family or friends about their illness. The reason is because they do not want to bother or make the people who heard the sad or worried. But, imagine the opposite situation, when you are not informed by the family or close friend that he was suffering from cancer, would you be more upset because you do not know and may not provide the required assistance.

Friend is someone who lives closest and you can talk to find the best treatment and the impact that may be experienced. Breast cancer patients may feel inferior to the situation so as to affect the marital relationship. Preferably, it is also discussed with your husband to be understood and can provide assistance by giving a hug or other endearment.

Children are young may not understand what was happening. However, if your child has to talk, you can tell in simple language what is meant by breast cancer and the effects that might happen to you physically as hair loss from chemotherapy or changes in the breast. It is important that children who are innocent do not get the wrong information from people who are not responsible to make them mennjadi fear or hate you or feel that what you experience from their mistakes.

Not all of your friends or family are not too close to be notified if you feel uncomfortable to pass. You also do not need to respond to all comments given by friends, family or other people who know your disease. There is always a positive and negative comments. So, it is not excessive to consider that can damage your body’s endurance.

To add to the spirit, you can join a group of fellow breast cancer sufferers. In Indonesia, the Indonesian Cancer Foundation can accommodate these needs. In this group, they can give encouragement and confidence so that you can recover. Stories from other patients might be able to make you feel your situation is still better. Or stories from other patients were determined to fight the disease and can be cured can help you gain strength to not give up on the state.

So, still eager to fight your illness. If any family member or friend suffering from a tumor or breast cancer, you can provide the necessary support for knowing the suffering they experienced. They can help support their recovery.

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Tip Quick Play Clash of Clans for beginners

At the beginning of the game, we will get a tutorial that can not be closed or passed away. So did we have to pay attention to the tutorial on how to play this game Play Clash Of Clans in Phase later we will be taught how to make the building, how to survive and how to carry out attacks. And one of the ways that are important but dangerous is how to speed up the work or tasks, using gem.
Gem is something ‘expensive’ in the game CoC gems generator. You can get a gem just 3 ways, the first is of achievment, both from the clean – clean the dirt in the village, and the third was purchased with a credit card, or from the seller. Because it is expensive, so save. For now tutorial, indeed we must use the Gem. But furthermore, my advice is do not use gem for less important things.

free gems coc hackBuy Builder / Hut With Gem

At the beginning of the game, we will have 2 builder that can be purchased by using elixir. But for the third and fourth builder, we have to buy using the gem. Well, above I mentioned to save gem that we can and should not be used to speed up the work. But use to purchase builder. Indeed, if still early – the early, builder 3 even 4 feels too much. Often unemployed. But when it reached the Town Hall 7 and above, where the builder then feel very important!
Wake up your Clan Castle, Join Clan!
When viewed in our rural areas, there are buildings Castle Clan damaged. If the resource is sufficient, immediately repair the Castle and immediately joined the Clan. There are many clan which you can choose according to your wishes. But do not forget to read the terms – terms to join the Clan. Usually there is a clan that determine trophy minimal, minimal donate and so on. If I would have chosen that does not specify a minimum Clan donate, because in the beginning we just need to donate that much.
Upgrade Focus Defense and Troops
For me, the best defense is attack. If we robbed people and a loss of 100,000 gold and elixir, then we should be able to rob and get 200,000 gold elixir. So, try to continue to upgrade the troops we most often use. I personally anyway, that my upgrade is Giant, Archer, Wall Breaker, and Wizard. Tastes, depending on our own method of attack. But just in – case, the defense also should not be forgotten. Especially now that there are inter-clan war mode, so defense is also very important. Always upgrade your defense until the impasse, the goal is to slow down the opponent’s attack!
Well the point is, do not let your builder laboratory and unemployed. Diligent – diligent ‘visit’ to the village people to add to the experience of war. Lastly, do not immediately drop if it continues to be attacked by others. Believe me, they also have experienced the same thing!

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Types of Computer Networks and the Objective Function

I’m sure of pal computers have heard the term, or perhaps some of my friend was good at making computer network system, but there may be some of my friend who wants to learn more about what the computer network. on this occasion utopicomputers will review the Definition, Types And Functions Computer Networks was sediri, we just yaaaa?.

Understanding Computer Networks
The computer network is a system that involves a series of two or more computing devices and devices – other devices that made or designed to be able to work together in order to communicate, access information, request and deliver the services or access between computers to one another.

network computer

Functions and Benefits of Networking
The benefits that can be felt when we have a network of computers, which are as follows:

Can Reduce Costs. with their pal computer network computer can reduce the cost to the needs of the device – the device peripherals, because the existing resources can be shared and used together – together, one example if we have a single printer, it can be used by many users or users. so my friend does not need to provide a printer for a computer.
Speeding up the process of sharing of data (data sharing). Usually to share our data using additional devices such as flash, but with the computer network, data transfer will be faster and even can reach a considerable distance though. it can be easier for users to obtain the necessary data files.
Keeping information up-to-date and reliable. With us create a computer network with a centralized data storage system as well as a very well run on the server computer, the user can mengaskses data from different places, and can restrict access to specific data when the data is being processed.
It had several functions and benefits that could be gained if the buddy buddy build a computer system that is connected to the network. so if my friend has more than one computer either at home or office, pal try to build a network can let conserves its resources.

Type – Types of Computer Networks
1. Based on the geographical location Or Reach
a. LAN (Local Area Network)

Is a network that covers a small area, one example is a computer network that is dilingkup school, college or office.

b. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

Is a network that are in one city with high speed data transfer that connects multiple offices but still in one area of town.

c.WAN (Wide Area Network)

Is a computer network covering a very large area, one example of a WAN is a network of inter-regional, regional, city or could be between countries.

For more details on this type of network, utopicomputer will cover in a later article
2. Based Functions
a. Computer Networking Peer to Peer

A model of computer networks where in the network, each computer can function as a client and as a server.

b. Computer Network Client Server

Is a model of a computer network in which one of the computers functioned as Server in the service of another computer that functioned as a client. so in this network server computer models are usually designed specifically and only served as a provider of services required Client.

For more details on the type of network Based Functions, utopicomputer will cover the difference article Computer Network Peer to Peer and Client Server

3. Based on its topology
a. Computer Network Topology Ring With

b. Computer Networks With Bus Topology

c. Computer Network With Star Topology

d. Computer With Mesh Network Topology

e. Computer Network Topology With Tree

For more information about the type of network topology Based utopicomputer will review more about Macam – Macam Computer Network Topology.
4. Based Media Transmission
a. Computer Networks Using Media Cable (Wired Network)

The type of computer network that is usually used as the cable media transmission medium is no kind of network is also called network types using the integrated transmission media (Guided Transmission Media). some cables that can be used to create a model of such a network like this, Coaxial Cables, Cable TP (STP and UTP), as well as Fiber Optic Cable.

b. Computer Network Without Using Wires (Nirkable)

This type of computer network bandwidth systems as Transmission media, the type of network is also referred to as the type of network that uses the transmission medium is not guided (Unguided transmission media), some examples of media that can be used include: Microwave, Satellite and Infrared rays.

For more details on this type of network, utopicomputer will cover in a later article

5. Based Transmission & Distribution Source The data
a. Centralized Computer Networks (Host Based Network)

This network type is usually made up of client and server computers where one client computer that serves as an intermediary in order to access sources of information / data coming from the server computer

b. Distributed Computer Network (Distributed Network)

One type of network is a combination of several centralized network so that there are multiple computer servers interconnected with the client and form a particular network system.

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Create documents in HTML format so that they can be opened by any device



With the expansion of the Smartphones, tablets, notebooks of all kinds and an infinite number of different operating systems and devices, is not easy in many cases to find a file type that is recognized by all these and with which we are sure that the recipient of the file can access it without problems, except with a type of file.

This type of file of which you speak is the HTML format, i.e., the web page format, and is that all current devices are able to access web pages, in fact it would be strange for that is not the case, since web consumption is one of the most common actions and what more hours we are concerned, it seems good idea create our documents in this generic format, and avoid relying on third-party applications and what can happen if a team does not have this software.

To do this, we can use suite, which is available both in online version as version, it is free, valid for Windows 10 in version and without limitation of operating system in web version and with it we can write our documents in HTML format very easily and without any effort.

In our case we are going to focus on the part online, since it has no installation and can be used for equipment and devices of all kinds, class e regardless of the operating system you are using.

Once we access to the web application, we can see how we have classical controls that we see in Word or other text editors, now, we see that the options that we can perform are basic, for example, bold, italics, size, format, alignment of the text, lists, tabulation, etc., i.e., have all the essential but without too many more options.

Once we have created our document, it will be as simple as clicking the icon Save so that we can download the file on our computer. In this process, the application makes our document HTML language which is interpreted by the web browser, what to open the downloaded file must use a web browser, regardless of, for example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

And little else, with this process we have managed to create a fully compatible with any device text document and therefore will be sure that the person who sent this file can see it without any problem.

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Clash Royale for iPhone and iPad 5 Fantastic Tips


The new game from the makers of Clash of Clans has reached the App Store to become number 1. This addictive game, in which the characters from the first title in the company, held is to defeat enemy Towers by invoking a series of letters.

The layout of the cards that you have in your “war deck” is random, but you will always know that letter is the next that you can invoke. In the game you’ll climb, Sands according to the number of trophies you have, as you know, trophies get them as you win battles.

At iPadizate we have made a compilation of the best 5 tricks to be catapulted to the sand 8, do you think them you lose?

5 tricks that will make you stop losing trophies

It distracts your opponent, you don’t defend. If your opponent summons a powerful character, possibly feel the need to respond with a powerful letter. However, have you ever thought you distract your enemy? If you are distracted with low mana cost cards to the opponent-always near one of your towers – you can get rid of it without having to lose large letters.

No attacks in excess, if you do you will be quickly without mana and will leave your helpless towers. You must use the awesome clash royale hack tool and make sure you always have the cards and the mana necessary to defend yourself.

View Royal TV repeats or your own. Watching TV Royal can know new types of strategies, or the decks of experienced users. If really you want to be the best, please do not hesitate to analyze movements, how they counteract some letters to others… Also, if you ever suffer a defeat very hard you can see repetition to learn that mistake made. Learn from mistakes, is the best way to learn.

Using drives in pairs, although each letter represents a single unit, if the combine can do unstoppable teams. For example, a single giant does nothing… But a giant with a bomber is a devastating team. You can try this kind of combinations in the training section, to find out which ones are the best.

You never get to accumulate 10 Mana, because in that second that let them load your opponent will continue loading mana and remember that in this game a second if it is important.

Video that teaches you the tricks

In this video made by AppSpy, you will see the tricks you have counted on the sand.

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Google Set Superfast Wireless Internet Network, Download 1 GB Just Seconds

Eric Schmidt (Chairman, Alphabet) said Google will bring superfast internet services via wireless or wireless network to homes and no longer want to use a fiber optic network for the spread of internet technology.


In addition, Google saw the quality of 4G technology is currently unsatisfactory and Google want to create new technologies beyond GSM which offers super fast internet connection.
We are aware that the world needed a fast internet jarangan. Of course, fast Internet network will increase our profits, he said at a meeting of shareholders Alphabet, Inc. (Parent company Google) told Digital Trends.

Previously, Google has been providing fast internet services through Google Fiber. The service was successfully deliver up to 1 Gbps Internet connections to homes in several American cities. Customers call the internet service with Performance Gigabit term.

After that, Google sees the service fiber optic less precise and efficient for cities with lower population, more suitable for dense city like New York.

Because the provision of fiber optic networks and devices will take a huge cost to the city with a population of slightly because of the amount of revenue from customers can not cover the amount of the investment and operating costs or maintenance every month.

Therefore, Alphabet create the latest technology that is Fixed Wireless Connection connecting one point to another point with the bridge utilizing laser or radio frequency. Each point is connected wirelessly between one antenna to the other antenna. It was far more rapid and efficient than using copper or fiber-optic cable that requires a lot of capital investment.

This wireless technology can bring the sensation Gigabit Performance like using fiber optic. We can download 1GB of data in just one second, he said.

Unfortunately, Schmidt has not said when the service will be available in the market.

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Watermelon, Fresh Fruits that Make Aging and Slim

Basically, there are a lot of fruit that we can enjoy the delights of the healthy benefits as well. And of the many pieces, almost all of them can make consumers become ever young and slim or ideal weight. Speaking about the fruit that can make young and slim, quoted from page, experts revealed that the watermelon is one of the fruits that are guaranteed to make younger and slimmer.


Experts revealed that the watermelon is one of the fruits are rich in vitamin also nutrients that can rejuvenate the skin, lose weight and maintain the physical health of a person consuming it. Watermelon is also said to be one of the fruits that contain beta-carotene important where it can make a person look youthful and impressive.

A nutritionist working in one of the body’s natural supplements that Dr Sam Christie reveals that, “Watermelon is a fruit rich in vitamins, nutrients and lycopene. Lycopene alone could improve the functioning of the vascular system and protect the body against damage caused by fat or cholesterol. When the body is protected, it will make the body become younger, healthier, fitter and exact weight will be stable or well preserved. “

In addition to nutrients and vitamins that are so good for healthy skin care as well, quite a lot of water content in watermelon is said to be able to make this fruit into a fruit that was so impressive for the body’s health, especially the health of the skin. Dr Christie also added that watermelons are rich in nutrients is one of the fruits that can keep the immune system and make it is always in a state of maximum or excellent.

Because of the kindness offered by watermelon, experts recommend regular and preferred consumption of watermelon. But remember, for suffering from low blood pressure, it is advisable not to overdo the consumption of watermelon. Because of what? Because, though healthy and make youthful, some nutrients in watermelon is believed to lower blood pressure more easily. Hopefully, this information is useful yes.

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Make Your PowerPoint Presentation Perfect by Controlling It Remotely

Do you are feeling PowerPoint presentations often? Did you bother to visit the laptop or computer and make use of it to edit a film or play a video? Believe that you lose control of your demonstration? Now, there’s a solution.

Make Your PowerPoint Presentation Perfect by Controlling It Remotely

Have full control over your demonstration can be quite productive, and it shall impact your demonstration in an optimistic way. It’s best for the confidence to.

Among the critical indicators of the representation is what’s viewed on the display. More often than not there’s a PowerPoint document, comprising a few slides in wording, videos and photos. So if you need to provide your PowerPoint presentation when you stand and describe what’s on the screen, go back to the laptop or computer to improve the film may seem to be just a little complicated and can be considered a negative effect on your confidence. The answer to the problem is simple. You merely have to regulate remotely. Wish to know how? Use your smartphone.

Because of the technology, smart mobile phones have brought a remedy to many of the problems. You could control your smartphone your PowerPoint display with your smartphone by using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth reference to the foundation device. You could download the movies and improvement go, edit to a particular slide and leap slide between your two and use a exclusive laser pointer immediately from your Android os device …

After setting up a remote demonstration software on your Android os device, you have full control of your display from your telephone, and you are steps from a perfect talk just.

Remote Office can be an application created by Microsoft, changes your cellphone into a smart handy remote control that interacts with Microsoft Office on your computer. You are allowed by the application form, Word, Excel and PowerPoint to regulate the room which means you can walk readily while presentations.Yet, Presentation Link is another application for this function produced by ASUS.

The main good thing about the presentation hyperlink on the distant Office request is the capability to have only Wi-Fi, and as opposed to the Microsoft software, strike team not limited Program Select Bluetooth ASUS. But on the other hand supports the Microsoft application PowerPoint, Excel and Word applications as well as your Android device can work as a remote service application for each one of these productivity.

So you will keep a perfect talk. You must figure out how to use these applications just.

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Natural Remedy For Under Eye Dark Circles

To find a natural cure for dark circles under the eyes?

I understand how agonizing it is to look into the mirror to look and feel helpless old.

I understand for an undeniable fact that so want to feel. I went there, which is extremely hard to exist.

Natural Remedy For Under Eye Dark Circles

Luckily, there is something you can Natural Remedies For Dark Circles certainly do to get rid of dark circles.

Whatever you might have read in the advertising about the necessity for surgery to eliminate dark circles about the eyes, it is a proven fact that it may use natural cure for dark circles under your eyes.

In fact, The substantiation was seen by me. I used to have bluish circles under the eyes and with the aid of some remedies which i found out that we were able to promote efficiency on your skin under the eyes with the same tone as your skin on my face.

How did I really do?

I used to carry an optical eyeball serum that called natural treatments an extremely special haloxly. If you’re unfamiliar with haloxly, below are a few facts about it:

1. Haloxyl can help thicken your skin under the optical sight

2. It increases blood vessels circulation

3. It cleans away hemoglobin gathered in the capillaries

Within a scholarly research that included 22 feminine topics, with dark circles haloxly success of the astonishing 60% in only 56 days and nights reduced.

This by themselves is data that is definitely an psychological haloxly natural cure for dark circles under eye dark. And that is the key reason why it is now used in most sera for high quality eye.

The glad tidings are that you can be rid of dark circles across the sight, an optical eyes using serum formulated with Haloxyl. If it worked for me personally and others, then there is no justification why it’ll do the job.

John Lexon is an ardent researcher influences important issues, health and skin.

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