Goal Of Becoming A Computer Graphic Designer

Professions in studio are expected to become one of the biggest and quickest growing work markets via 2014. The majority of careers is going to be in gate design, website design, as well as computer computer animation design. Although there might be many roles available however there might also be numerous contenders in order to compete with within the computer studio career. Many people love it like a career, for some purely in your spare time while some might like to utilize it as a part-time freelancing device. To become a pc graphic designer, the four yr college degree or perhaps a Bachelors Level is sufficient. A few technical work can be obtained in case you complete a 2 yrs college degree or even Associates Education. Unless you have more education, you cannot expect this kind of career to advance. If you want to go after this profession it is important to understand how crucial formal schooling is.

Almost 3 in most ten of most those operating as personal computer graphic experts work as self-employed freelancers. Half all the self employed would be keeping regular job in either any kind of computer images company or any type of other computer system related occupation. Freelancing is surely a viable choice for those going after this job, as small companies and people continue to convey more need for their own services, yet cannot afford quotes of most gate design firms.

Graphic Designer

There are lots of other professions in laptop or computer graphic design. The actual print press like publications and mags, audio mass media like marketing or electric media such as films and also television are a couple of the practical career choices in front of you. Not really in terms of range but you might expect a stable stream associated with work should you seek a profession in a big or little specialist organization. This can just make your customers happy and create them provide you with new tasks.
If you wish to follow this as being a career, a school degree, wish, and understanding where you want to look is not sufficient. You need to create skills utilizing graphic design software program and other laptop related abilities. You will also have to develop a collection, which is a assortment of your best function. So the material could arrive between your obtaining the job not really.

Your purpose after completing college along with deciding what you need to do is to become that very first entry level career. Computer studio jobs can be found various locations. If you are looking with regard to opportunities being a freelancer, after that look through on the internet job panels, classified ads along with job for employ boards. With regard to design occupations work for seek the services of boards are more effective than other jobs. Here is hoping you best wishes in your search for a gate design career.

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Ten Ways An ingredient Dehydrator Can help you save Money

Who else isn’t seeking to spend much less and spend less money? A food dehydrator can be a useful tool within cutting meals costs, increasing food materials and removing food waste materials, over maturing and spoilage. Use a foods dehydrator to save cash by following these types of ideas.

— Extend foodstuff shelf life and minimize waste as well as spoilage.

An ingredient dehydrator is made to remove a substantial amount of drinking water from meal. The water content material of meals are generally high, typically among 80% in order to 95% with regard to various vegetables and fruit and half to 74% for different meat. Removing dampness from food items inhibits numerous bacteria, yeasts and conforms from developing and going bad it. Can make dehydrated fresh fruits, vegetables and also jerky ideal for longer term storage space. meal plan to lose weight

food dehydrator

– Purchase foods for sale or copious.

Buy additional fruits and vegetables whilst they are by the bucket load, in time of year and fairly less expensive. Dry out what you avoid consume and steer clear of over maturing or spoilage.

– Choose a own meat jerky.

Prepackaged beef dried meats is very costly on a for each ounce foundation. A three. 5 oz package associated with jerky may cost about $4. 00 or even $1. fourteen per ounces. Instead, create home made ground beef jerky by purchasing flank meat or sirloin tip, including marinade or perhaps spices along with drying. The meals dehydrator loan calculator shows that a one pound bit of meat will make about eight ounces or perhaps a half lb of dried meats. If the meats cost $3. 78 for every pound the actual jerky price would be regarding 47 pennies per oz ..

– Choose your own fresh fruit leather.

Similarly, store bought fruits leather or maybe fruit move ups are extremely expensive on the per whiff basis. The 5 oz. package regarding fruit leather-based can cost concerning $2. 56 or fifty one cents each ounce. Rather, make homemade fruit natural leather by blending fruit in addition to drying this. One single pound of appricots would make with regards to 3. 7 ounces involving fruit buckskin. If the appricots cost $1. 27 every pound the price would be in relation to 33 mere cents per oz.

– Quit buying chocolate and desserts.

Removing h2o from berry also reduces the fruit’s volume, therefore, once dried out, the fruit’s sugar articles becomes much more concentrated a serving. For this reason dried berries tastes satisfying than fruit. Make a more healthy choice. Consume dried super fruit instead of candies, which is filled with processed sugar.

– Dried out your own seasonings.

Plant a good herb garden plus dehydrate your personal spices within a dehydrator. The price of the seed products will be small compared to the $2 to $4 dollar expense per plant jar in the store.

: Go vegan.

Cut down on your own meat and even dairy usage. Reduce your body fat and cholesterol intake together with increase usage of fat totally free fresh as well as dried fruit and veggies. A much healthier diet and lifestyle significantly reduces sick some costs

rapid Better yet, require a00 raw nutrition diet.

Any raw food stuff diet is only one that encourages the consumption of organic foods. Organic foods, such as fruits, veggies, meats, nut products, seeds and also herbs, tend to be foods consumed in their organic, unprocessed, raw state. Make use of a dehydrator to be able to warm uncooked foods.

instructions Make your personal hiking along with camping meals.

Dried fruit flesh, fruit set, trail blend and dried meats are great sampling, nutritious, transportable and easy to create foods which are excellent regarding camping in addition to hiking.

aid Keep unexpected emergency food products on hand.

An ingredient dehydrator is a superb tool to produce nonperishable, space stable foods. Dehydrated foodstuff, stored in airtight food storage containers, can last intended for multiple many years. Be prepared for disasters and avoid possible tight meal supplies plus price gouging that can go with natural as well as man made unfortunate occurances.

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Reasons Yahoo to close offices in Indonesia

Yahoo once again are conducting a major restructuring. This time, they plan to close the office operations in a number of countries in Asia and Europe. Some of them are affected in Hungary, Vietnam, Malaysia, and one of them is Indonesia. In Indonesia, they have to lay off as many as 50 employees of their sales, and reportedly, plans to close the office on 14 December. Behind these events, there are some interesting things that could be a lesson for your business on the importance of keeping your business stay slim.

Profit disappointing while the load is too heavy

Their third quarter report showed a decline in some areas. Revenue in Asia Pacific decreased 2.5% compared to last year. And although revenues in the Middle East grew by 2.3% to 81 million US dollars, but this figure is still far less compared to North America is still 10 times larger.

Since the beginning, when Yahoo recently moved from the leadership of Jerry Yang, Yahoo is charged excessively large vessels. They have a range of products and services that are too broad, ranging from Yahoo News, the photo sharing site Flickr, then Alibaba, and a small piece of software such as FoxyTunes. It was only in the leadership of Carol Bartz, they began to regularly cut their portfolios. Then under the leadership of Scott Thompson, they do a historic restructuring. In 2012, they fired around 2000 employees.

SUNNYVALE, CA - JULY 17:  The Yahoo logo is displayed in front of the Yahoo headqarters on July 17, 2012 in Sunnyvale, California.  Yahoo will report Q2 earnings one day after former Google executive Marissa Mayer was named as the new CEO. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

And other factors that support the restructuring

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s latest CEO, in a statement said that he would prioritize the synergy that comes from people working side by side. And now they have too many employees are scattered everywhere: 12.000 people. Then, sources said that the restructuring of this time is their effort to realize the dream of Mayer: team consolidation into fewer offices. Last month, they even lay off 400 of their employees in India, and offers the option of relocating to a number of R & D team.

Moreover, as was the case in Jordan, the reason there are built offices is to facilitate the acquisition of Yahoo to the locally named Maktoob portal to increase their international footprint. When Maktoob failed to hit, they have no reason to keep their operations there. Similarly happened in Indonesia. In 2010, Yahoo acquired somersault, local services like Foursquare-based check-ins. Somersault and services have for years been discontinued. Apparently, Yahoo has given up working on the Asian market.

Yet, at the same time, other technology companies, are being intensively targeting the markets of developing countries in Asia. Say Facebook. They considered that the adoption rate of mobile devices to the Asian community is very rapid. This is one reason Mark Zuckerberg visited a number of Asia, including Indonesia, to encourage more mobile data usage.

Yahoo mass dismissal is always a favorite target of headhunter

Mass layoffs Yahoo has always been a day of harvest other companies. Eg, Times Internet. Their CEO, Satya Gajwani, post a tweet containing a job offer for those who fired, a day after the mass dismissal in India. Zomato even took it further. Their CEO, Deepinder Goyal post pictures specially designed to resemble the logo of Yahoo, but replaced the words “Yeah Who?” Coupled with “We’re (always) hiring”. They also specifically open path yahoo@zomato.com email.

Well buddy Studentpreneur, until now, what services you use from Yahoo? And what do you think if the service is closed? Let’s discuss in the comments! You can also get creative young business information via Facebook or Twitter Studentpreneur

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Tips Play Pokemon Go from developer Niantic

To facilitate and add to your gaming experience more fun, there Tips GO Pokemon you create a new play this Augmented Reality game, Pokemon Tips GO is directly explained by Nintendo and its developers diwebsite Niantic official Pokemon GO.

Any Tips Pokemon described diwebsite GO GO official Pokemon? Listen below ..

Tips Pokemon GO – Keep Safety


Explore the real world lah mu, Search Pokemon anywhere, but note salvation

In this game you are required to explore the real world you to search for Pokemon – Pokemon that roam the environment around you. However, finding and playing Pokemon GO while driving a car or motorcycle, when crossing the road, when the highway or anything that could jeopardize your safety. Do not do !!! Pay attention to the safety of your soul so that your Pokemon can still live with …

Tips Pokemon GO – Come Into Habitat Pokemon

If you want to target a specific Pokemon with strength, for example, you want to find Pokemon coins hack plants then came to a place with a lot of plants, go to your its habitat. Likewise with Pokemon berkuatan its definitely water in place of water as the beach, the river or the like (bath home ga mu included).

Tips Pokemon GO – Attended Public Parks

No leaks ya, Pokemon really like recreation or public playgrounds. So go to your second point was to get a lot of Pokemon.

Tips Pokemon GO – Always Look Map

Look at the map is always in Pokemon GO

Folders that are shown in the game Pokemon GO retrieve data folder from your original place. Look at the map and always watch carefully, because the Pokemon could be browsing around you.

Tips Pokemon Go – Visit PokeStop

PokeStop is a place where you can get items like Pokeballs. As we know, Pokeballs used to catch Pokemon, if this item runs out of course you can not catch the Pokemon again. So often – often was visited PokeStop that the stock Pokeballs you do not run out. PokeStop in historic sites, monuments and public art.

Tips Pokemon GO – Raise the Level Trainer

Every time you catch a Pokemon you will get EXP that can raise the level trainer. If you continue to catch Pokemon and level becomes higher your trainer, you can get better items as GreatBalls that could make it easier for you when catching Pokemon.

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Instagram launches Instagram Stories, with pure essence to Snapchat


After the tremendous upgrade that suffered the application in the month of may with a new facelift, and the controversial elimination of the ‘likes’ to make way for a feed of sorting by importance, users gradually we have been getting used to this new direction has taken Instagram.

After that stir of changes, the waters have State enough quiet, with the updates routine that us come always each certain time and with modifications surface, so thus all the world is can acclimate to this new application.

But at the headquarters which is the property of Facebook has been taken the decision that has spent considerable time in which important things not have been conducted, and it is thought that now is the time. For this reason, Instagram has just launched a new product called Instagram Stories, as they are running us from HDBlog.it.

Only by the name you can presuppose that with this new tool you can, as the Word suggests, make stories of the day to day or every thing you do. But once you open the application, as opposed to being a utility or application other than what you’ve seen so far, you’ll count’s pure essence to Snapchat, contains up to identical functions.

What is your operation?

Not going to deepen too because the operation will be practically the same that the of Snapchat, but there is that comment that will consist of a fan of images and videos both yours as those of your contacts, as if of a presentation of slides is were. Within the application, you can store the images or videos to create an album or some kind of collage.

As in Snapchat all the stories that you hang one day will disappear within 24 hours since they are published, although if any image or video don’t like what has been, you can edit it even if it is already uploaded. The navigation is simple and consists of go by clicking on the profiles of each one of our followers. And if you want to contact any of them, you can send direct messages to your profile. Ah, and here not exist them “I like”, so not make lack that you curres much them photos.

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Castle Clash – Tips & Tricks for more power, raw materials and fame points


A great empire, there is not in this game. Everything revolves around your castle and the available resources. The game has even more to offer and can tie for a very long time. This article shows you everything you need to know in order to other Castle Clash players to have a real advantage.

With our database you can also compare side by side any heroes and all its values and skills in a table. So can create the perfect team for each game situation.

I must confess that I only needed a second attempt to be paid to the game. Right from the beginning all seems a bit repetitive and the possibilities limited. This was partly also because I hardly had information and have walked completely wrong with the few resources.

Android or iPhone / iPad

The first decision to be adopted is for the operating system used. I wish I had played the game at home on my iPad and go on my Galaxy Note. 3 Unfortunately that is not possible. Unlike Mutants, which I also enjoy playing, the data do not have Facebook, but the Game Center Apple or Google Play Games are synchronized. The data from Android to Android or iOS to iOS can be transferred easily. Cross-platform play, however, is not possible.

Fame points – the most important currency in the game

Before I begin with the individual advice, I would like to briefly lose a word to the fame points. These are not easy to get and can not (apart from 1,000 a day to 50 Gems) to buy or you can try this castle clash hack tool. Without these small, yellow star but no heroes can be improved. And thus there is very limited and the power.

Wasted this resource never to acquire Heroes or slimes!

I have this error unfortunately made at the beginning and regretted it bitterly after a short time.

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Windows 10 PC Anniversary Update, knows all the news


Already a year ago that Windows 10 was released to the public and on their anniversary, Microsoft has prepared a very important update, called Anniversary Update. An update is loaded with new features and improvements that put in value the Microsoft commitment to its new strategy and direction. Which is none other than the offer 10 Windows as a service, so that once purchased, all updates will be free with new.

And what better way to while we wait for August 2 to get the update review all developments that are going to come and which have been tested with Windows Insider program.

Improvements performance and stability

How typically, each update tends to lead to improvements in performance and stability. With 10 Windows, and due to the important change of operating system, came some errors and bugs, which have been corrected throughout the year with various corrections. And now, on the Anniversary Update, have seen how it has refined the core of Windows making it more stable. With the latest build which we have been able to try one month to date, stability is predominant.

We have also noticed improvements in battery, at least in my Suface Pro 4. In which I have seen how the extension of the battery improved. It will now be know how it behaves in one greater variety of devices, but negative general comments in that regard by users have not heard.

New Start Menu Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 PC Anniversary Update brings new changes in its interface. Thus, the start menu has been redesigned, improved considerably thanks to the feedback that Microsoft has collected from users. Thus, we have a menu remodeled in Tablet type, more commensurate with expected for use in this way, and also some changes to the menu of desktop, with better access to all applications.

Bar of tasks more useful with Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Also Windows 10 PC Anniversary Update brings news in the bar of tasks. Do you think it was perfect? Because Microsoft has included some features that I think that they will make you think that how is that it had not included before. And it is that the notice of notifications have been included in applications anchored to the taskbar (in the style of the Tiles), has also included the possibility of changing the audio output from the taskbar, and calendar events has been integrated with the calendar in the taskbar.

Renewed configuration

Following the changes in the interface, Windows 10 PC Anniversary Update brings another innovation in the configuration. And it is that the configuration has advanced and has improved in its appearance. Thus, we have icons that best identify the configuration, so it will be easier to find what you need. Integrated search has also been improved. And more the old control panel settings have moved to this configuration. We hope that in a short time they get moved all this configuration, since it is one of the aspects that makes us see a Windows 10 still as something unfinished.

Rich notifications

Also new to Windows 10 PC Anniversary Update is that notifications have been improved even further. They now gather in the Centre of notifications with only an icon of the application at the top, thus leaving space for more text, or an image representative of the notification. In addition, within the configuration of an application notifications, will indicate how many applications we want to see (3, 5, 10, etc), and even specify their priority, for that shows up at all, or in chronological order.

We also have a new type of notification, which possesses a Hero Image, which is nothing more than an image of great size that is representative of the notification. Something very interesting to implement Facebook notifications (for example) when a friend upload an image, or Instagram.

Become synchronized with Windows 10 Anniversary Update notifications

But there are more new notifications on Windows 10 PC Anniversary Update. And it is that now, thanks to Cortana, notifications can be synchronized between devices. That way you will receive notifications from your Windows Mobile 10 (or Android) on your PC, or in the future, notifications from your computer to your mobile. The idea is that notifications go to the cloud and thus be able to synchronize them without losing its functionality. For example, receipt interactive notification on your mobile, because such notification will look on the computer and if I respond to the notification, or perform an action with a button, you can make from your computer.

You and best in Windows 10 Anniversary shall bear Update

Cortana also has new features with Windows 10 PC Anniversary Update, in addition to the already commented out of sync notifications. And it is that Cortana will now be available in more languages, as it can be the Spanish of Mexico, or to have the computer in a region, but Cortana using other compatible language. Which will facilitate the use of Cortana to many users.

Also, Cortana has been integrated in the lock of your PC screen, and you can now be used without unlocking the computer (if so allow it). Being able to get information more quickly, or creating a reminder quickly.

And, precisely, in the reminders is where we need another novelty in Windows 10 PC Anniversary Update. And it is now in the reminders we attach a photo, that will help us to remember anything. And to do this, you will see as if you try to share one photo of any, the option of Cortana. In this simple way, we can create a reminder.

How you can see, the update comes news of all kinds. And that, we are confident that as we left us any that you will discover with time. Note the interest of Microsoft on Windows 10, and how you want to create a common platform for applications and complete with many features taken from feedback from users. Do you know any more news? What’s new is that more you like?

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Clash Royale – fight against other players online

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is an online mobile game for iOS and Android, in which players in an Battle arena. The opponents use playing cards, to destroy their opponent’s fortress. At this point, we collect tips, rumors and news about the new title of the Clash of Clans developer Supercell.

In March 2016 Clash Royale has released by developer Supercell. The strategy game is a mix of tower Defense- and card game. Your can watch the free app for iOS or Android Download. You need at least iOS 7.0 or Android 4:03. To download Clash Royale.

In Clash Royale you fight against other players online. Everyone has a castle and two towers and a deck of cards on hand – the best decks of cards to start, we have summarized for you. You play units in card format directly on the pitch and tried to destroy the enemy castle. Do you play a card, it costs Elixir points. You see it appear at the bottom. Elixir points regenerate gradually automatically, so you can play cards again. Also like magic arrow hail or fireballs can use it.

Clash Royale: open chests and get maps

Win you can, open their chests different quality levels and get the game currency Gold and Premium Currency Jewels. Of course, you draw from chests various cards. There are ordinary, rare, epic and legendary cards.

Clash Royale: regular updates for the game balance

Developer Supercell adjusts the balance of the game for Clash Royale with regular updates. First and foremost, values of different cards are adapted. So change hit points, damage, damage per second, or about the number of troops with use this awesome clash royale cheats tool. We keep you informed about and clarify the most important updates Clash Royale for you.

Online games like Clash Royale could there be but also difficulties, that cloud your gaming experience. It might stutter, chests can not open or just the login doesn’t work. Should there be a problem, her jelly just look on our failure detector for clash.

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BRI peek Satellite Launch Location

Satellite-owned PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI) will be launched on Friday, June 17, 2016 at the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana.

Guiana Space Center is a European satellite launch center belonging to the European Space Agency (ESA), which had stood 40 years with an area of 700 square km. French Guiana itself is an overseas territory of the French, which are located in South America.


Position Kourou been so central European satellite launch, because of its location close to the equator. French Guiana neighboring Suriname also has stable weather. Making it suitable for a rocket launch.

BRIsat satellite carrier rocket made by Arianespace, the French maker of rockets. While satellite BRIsat created by SSL, companies from the United States (US). Already there are 520 satellites launched by Arianespace. In 2015 then, Arianespace recorded a turnover of 1.4 billion euros.

BRIsat is the fifth satellite launched from Indonesia Arianespace, and the bank’s first satellite launched this company.

No Name rocket launcher Ariane 5 is assembled at the Guiana Space Center. Type 2 rocket can carry a satellite. BRIsat addition, these satellites also carry a satellite ECHOSTAR XVIII.

we and a number of members of the media had the opportunity to see a satellite assembly until the launch control room, on Friday (17/06/2016) Kourou time.

Amenities Guiana Space Center is very extensive. Throughout the eye can see, looks vast forests, and a number of assembly facilities. Security was tight by the number of fully armed soldiers. There are about 1,700 workers in the working space at this Guyana.

Satellite BRIsat weight reached 1872 kg, and after refueled weighed into 3.540 kg.

BRIsat will reach the service area of Indonesia and ASEAN, East Asia, most of the Pacific, and Western Australia. The satellite will have a 36 x 36 MHz C-band transponders and 9 x 72 MHz Ku-Band.

There are 45 transponders dimimiliki BRIsat. Of that number, four transponders will be allocated for the benefit of the country.

Rocket assembly process to insert the satellite into it takes about 30 days. After the satellite and rocket are ready and there is no problem anymore, then moved to the rocket launch site or launchpad.

In addition, we see the control room looks empty. At launch, the space will be filled by 120 people who were preparing to launch automatically. The pilot will operate a rocket from the room.

The launch time will take about 56 minutes. Seven minutes before the launch, the countdown will be automatically performed by the computer in the rocket that will work.

Satellites will take 10 days to reach orbit at 150.5 degrees east longitude. The point of this orbit was previously used by PT Indosat Tbk (ISAT).

BRI will be the first bank in the world that has its own satellite. This moment is a historic moment for the Indonesian banking.

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Coping with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a type of cancer is the number two killer of women Indonesia after cervical cancer (cancer of the mouth or neck of the womb). Therefore, this disease needs to watch out. Early detection of this disease will increase the chances of survival are. Does being a woman can become immune to breast cancer? What should be done to prevent it?

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the abnormal cell growth in breast tissue person. When you have reached an advanced stage, breast removal is sometimes performed for patient safety. This is certainly a scary thing for a woman.

Breast Cancer

Almost all cancers have a specific cause. For example the majority of cases of skin cancer caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. While lung cancer caused by smoking. But there is no single definitive cause for breast cancer.

Several factors could be the cause of breast cancer. Eg genetic, environmental, and hormones may contribute to breast cancer. Women are vulnerable to these factors may have a higher risk.

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

No one knows exactly what causes breast cancer. Based on the statistical results, most breast cancer patients are women aged above 50 years. This means that the older a person, the better the chance of developing this disease is great. Another factor influencing is family history. If there are families who suffer from this disease like a mother or sibling, the chances will be even greater. Breast cancer can also be caused by previous cancer in other organs that spread to the breast. Or if there is a history of cancer in other organs.

Another thing that can trigger cancer is lifestyle. Frequent consumption of foods containing chemicals or carcinogenic, alcohol, or smoking.

Preventing Breast Cancer

One breast cancer prevention is a healthy diet. It is estimated that one in three breast cancer cases are due to dietary factors. A good diet will help to maintain your immune system and this is the most powerful disease prevention. Although there has been no food that can cure cancer, eating certain foods and reduce certain other foods can be a precaution.

Foods rich in fiber, can help lower levels of prolactin and estrogen, possibly by attaching themselves to these hormones and put them out of the body. It can suppress the late phase of carcinogenesis (cancer formation). In addition, reducing saturated fatty foods can reduce the risk. Soybeans and soy products without fermented can inhibit tumor growth.

Vegetables are rich in vitamin A, such as carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, vegetables and dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and mustard greens, may help. Vitamin A prevents the formation of cancer-causing mutations. As for fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Lumps in the breast area may indicate the possibility of breast cancer. But not necessarily all lumps mean cancer because it should be examined further for certainty in the hospital or doctor.

The key to survival is to detect breast cancer early, before it has a chance to spread. Another indication of this disease is a lump in the armpit, breast pain, change in the color or texture of the breast, nipple drawn into, areola (the area around the nipple brown), or on the nipple. In some cases, breast cancer is detected from the discharge from the nipple yellowish, greenish, or pus.

The key to survival is to detect breast cancer early, before it has a chance to spread. One cause of the high mortality from this disease due to lack of awareness to detect the symptoms are there. Generally after to the complaints of heavy, new patients to consult a doctor which often means the cancer is in an advanced stage. Therefore, when the disease has reached an advanced stage, it will be difficult to cure.

Check Breast Self

So that people, especially women can perform breast examinations on a regular basis, then created a movement called Realize or Sarari which stands for “Breast Self Check”. It is recommended that the examination was performed 1 month after menstruation approximately 4-7 days after menstruation.

In this examination, things to do are:

  • Standing in front of a mirror with your shoulders straight and your hands on the waist. See if there are physical perubaan your breast, such as changes in shape, size or color of the breast.
  • Raise both hands up and notice that there are no physical changes in the breast that look.
  • Press nipple and see if there is a discharge from the nipple.
  • Lie down and touch the right side of the breast with his left hand and so on. Create a pattern of play and feel whether there is a lump in the breast and more.
  • When sitting or standing try to massage the breast to find out if there is a suspicious lump. Raba underarm area to the abdomen to check.

Be aware of the movement can be made by the spouse to his wife. Or the husband can remind his wife to conduct regular checks Realize. The role of the family certainly can facilitate the detection of this disease.

If You Hit Breast Cancer

When someone was diagnosed with breast cancer, most patients will immediately be emotionally devastated. They feel a death sentence, although the patient may be cured even more when it is still in early stages. In advanced stages, emotional and psychological impact can cause a depressed cancer patients. It can worsen the situation. For that, it needs the support of the family or friends.

Breast cancer patients should tell their family or friends because people need the support of those closest to the emotional aftermath endured. It is normal if the patient does not want to tell family or friends about their illness. The reason is because they do not want to bother or make the people who heard the sad or worried. But, imagine the opposite situation, when you are not informed by the family or close friend that he was suffering from cancer, would you be more upset because you do not know and may not provide the required assistance.

Friend is someone who lives closest and you can talk to find the best treatment and the impact that may be experienced. Breast cancer patients may feel inferior to the situation so as to affect the marital relationship. Preferably, it is also discussed with your husband to be understood and can provide assistance by giving a hug or other endearment.

Children are young may not understand what was happening. However, if your child has to talk, you can tell in simple language what is meant by breast cancer and the effects that might happen to you physically as hair loss from chemotherapy or changes in the breast. It is important that children who are innocent do not get the wrong information from people who are not responsible to make them mennjadi fear or hate you or feel that what you experience from their mistakes.

Not all of your friends or family are not too close to be notified if you feel uncomfortable to pass. You also do not need to respond to all comments given by friends, family or other people who know your disease. There is always a positive and negative comments. So, it is not excessive to consider that can damage your body’s endurance.

To add to the spirit, you can join a group of fellow breast cancer sufferers. In Indonesia, the Indonesian Cancer Foundation can accommodate these needs. In this group, they can give encouragement and confidence so that you can recover. Stories from other patients might be able to make you feel your situation is still better. Or stories from other patients were determined to fight the disease and can be cured can help you gain strength to not give up on the state.

So, still eager to fight your illness. If any family member or friend suffering from a tumor or breast cancer, you can provide the necessary support for knowing the suffering they experienced. They can help support their recovery.

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