Five Tips to Improve Performance of Laptop Create Game

Currently, selection of laptops for gaming on the market very much. Either a legacy product or a new product. Even so, a gamer does not have to always buy the latest gaming notebook products to be able to play a new game is released. There are alternative ways to be able to improve the performance of a notebook to be comfortable while playing a new game.


Install the latest driver updates

To install the updated driver, especially on the graphics card will provide significant performance. Moreover, NVIDIA and ATI are known as two of the leading manufacturer of graphics cards perform the competition by providing regular updates on her products. Even the improved performance of the latest driver updates on laptop create a game can reach 20 percent.

Overclock GPU

In particular, overclocking can also be used mainly in notebook products that use graphics cards from NVIDIA or ATI. Overclock is done by changing the core clock and memory clock. But keep in mind, do not do extreme overclocking.

Check the power settings

Settings on the power also can be done to improve the performance of the laptop. When used to play games, be sure to use power management on the performance of the most high.

Asus ROG G751JY

Degrade the quality of the game display

Game on the laptop will be able to run better if you use the minimum setting. For example by lowering the resolution used. In addition, make sure to check the setting texture and shadow on the game. By doing this, most can not lose ‘consumption’ of video RAM in a laptop.

Turn off background applications

It is also worth noting, because enough weight on the laptop. Especially if playing a heavy game.

Additional Camera Lens Specifications most sophisticated Sony QX30 Qx1

Nowadays, photography has become a trend that is so popular in our society. Not only from the photographers who are professionals, many amateur photographers or ordinary people who now make photography as their new hobby. Sony as one of the vendors were quite active in producing the gadget which supports the purposes of photography recently has also introduced two additional lenses with a brand-new specifications are quite interesting. The second lens is none other than Sony QX30 and Sony QX1. As an additional lens, QX1 already supports e-mount that allows the lenses to be replaced when necessary

In the first type, namely QX30 , this additional lenses deliver optical zoom capability which is quite amazing, reaching 30 times. This is certainly easier for users when they want to take pictures of objects located in remote or difficult to reach, for example photographing a tiger in a zoo or object across rarely. The magnification will make distant objects look closer. QX30 is equipped with a lens 24-720 mm f / 3.5 to 6.3. QX30 is equipped with Exmor CMOS sensor resolution of 20.4 MP.

The lens also has an ISO range up to 12,800, and are to be used for recording video in 1080 / 60p. Shots on Sony’s extra lenses can be stored in various storage media such as microSD or even stored in the favorite smartphone. In addition, the lens is also equipped with a removable battery. The maximum capacity of the battery power can be used to take up to 200 shots or recording HD video resolution with a maximum duration of about 45 minutes. Interestingly, the camera lens can also be charged via micro SD. For the price is priced, an additional lens is released in the market at a price of USD 350 or about USD 4 million


Tutorial Setting QX30

On the other hand, QX1 deliver much better quality when compared with the QX30. The camera lens comes with carrying a sensor resolution of 20.1 MP APS C as in offered by digital cameras. Not only that, a feature embedded in the camera lens is also not much different from mirrorless cameras made by Sony

The lens has a range of achieving ISO 16000 and can be used to record video in 1080 / 30p. Some excellent features that are served by this lens is already supports RAW format and advance shooting mode that enables users to get better image quality. There are also features pop-up flash that can be used to overcome poor lighting when used for photographing in place Mim light.

Batteries are pinned on Sony’s latest camera lens allows users to shoot up to 440 times the shots or can also be used to record video with a maximum duration of about 150 minutes. For the price for QX1 offers better specs than the QX30 is not surprising if the price is more expensive at $ 400 or about USD 4.5 million

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Three Bali Tourist Attraction in addition to Kuta, Seminyak and Sanur

When he heard the tourist destinations in Bali, there was a bit of a backpacker who will mention Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur or some other tourist areas in Bali. Ganggari fast boat some of these sights is the closest to Ngurah Rai Airport, so it’s no wonder most of the tourists will stay and travel in the area. Of course if you stay in areas that are fairly close to the airport , transport costs will be cheaper, a variety of lodging options from cheap to expensive it will be more readily available, and easy to find places to eat and shop for souvenirs.


If you want to look for alternative travel far from the crowd, not much visited by tourists as it is in the southern part of Bali, and here are some of the alternative places that can be your choice.

Pulau Lembongan
Lembongan is a small island located in the southeast of the island of Bali. Although not located on the island of Bali, but Lembongan is part of the province of Bali. To reach this island, you have to first Bali and across to Lembongan through Sanur or Padang Bai.

While on the island,

it seems not many local tourists who stay here even though it can be found everywhere tourists. Perhaps because Lembongan is very far from the airport, and also quite expensive to cross to the island (about 400,000 IDR for crossing PP per person). The island is famous for some of the places for snorkeling and diving as well as with mangrove forests. The most crowded areas on the island is Jungut Stone.

Amed & Tulamben
Both of these attractions is located on the eastern coast of Bali. Of Amed and Tulamben, you can see the sunset that sinks in Mount Agung while enjoying dinner on the beach. Itself has black sand beaches with lots of gravel so it tends to be hot during the day.

Amed and Tulamben very popular as a dive. Famous dive spot in Tulamben is the wreck of the USS Liberty which sank in the 1980s. The second area is usually crowded with foreign and local tourists who have a hobby of diving. When I visited both this area, again there was a lot of local tourists are seen strolling around Amed and Tulamben. Probably because the location is quite far from the airport, so it is not easy and not cheap to get there. We have to spend a minimum of USD 400,000 per one way to get a taxi from the airport to Amed.

Visited Candi Dasa be an interesting experience for me. I think the location is not as busy travel various other tourist attractions in Bali but offers peace and away from the hustle of the city. No wonder if this area is much visited by tourists of middle-aged rather than young travelers. Indeed, the night life here is not as busy as in Kuta and not many activities that can be done here except swim at the beach or sightseeing around Candi Dasa. This area was not much visited by tourists than some areas in the southern part of Bali, but if you want the peace in your vacation, Candi Dasa can be an appropriate alternative.

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How to Solve PC / Laptop Windows 7 and Windows 8 10 Slow lag

Have you ever experienced being cool surf the Internet or in occupations piled up, suddenly your computer runs very slowly. Not only the body, the computer also needs regular maintenance and perform some simple tune-up steps so that everything can run with the maximum. However, if it is considered severe enough problems of your computer, you can reinstall Windows on your laptop or can upgrade hardware components.

So that your computer can run optimally, in this edition, CHIP will discuss 12 things that can cause the computer to become slow and solutions to overcome the slow computer. (In this paper, we use the Windows 7


PC slow

Computer Spesifiasi
When you first purchase a computer or laptop, you should make sure you already know the use of your computer, whether to work with MS Office files, graphic design, playing games, or just browsing. Use the computer specifications in accordance with your requirements. If you like to play games and work on the project design, do not use a computer with a minimalist specification, because your computer’s performance will not be optimal.

Memory shortage
In general, problems with a slow running computer is often caused by lack of RAM installed. To find out how much RAM capacity of memory installed on your computer, you can check it out by clicking on “Menu on the Control Panel then click the System Security and System”. If you want to buy a new computer or laptop, you should choose the hardware specifications of the processor core i3 or Intel Core i5, 4 GB of RAM minimum and is operating systems in Windows 7 64 bit.

Too Much Install Program
Be thoughtful about installing software on the computer. Therefore, programs that too much can result in memory is full and can ultimately slow down your computer’s performance. Instead, use the application in accordance with the specifications of computer you have and do un-install the programs rarely or never use it at all.

Too Much Startup Programs and Services are Active

Startup process is the first process of the computer when many applications are running, it will automatically feel lag, slow, heavy and slow. Especially if you are too much to install a program, the more the service that will run when windows startup. For that, you need to disable the application or service that is not used during the startup process that runs automatically.

Temporary Files Already Swell
Temporary File is a collection of files that are not permanent as well as temporary alias will be redundant after the program finishes used. Ideally, these temporary files should be deleted immediately after exiting the program. Without you knowing it, the temporary files are increasingly bloated and filled the computer’s hard drive. The location of temporary files on Windows 7 is C: \ Users \\ AppData \ Local \ Temp.

To cleanse the junk files, you can delete the files contained in the site or with the aid of the cleaning program Disk CleanUp. To call, click on the Start menu and type “cleanmgr” or click the Start button, and select the “All Programs 1. Accessories 2 You Sign in selection System Tools 3. Select the Disk Cleanup continues to select the drive to be cleaned.

File Data “Scruffy”
In addition to the Disk Cleanup, so that the work load lighter computers you also need to do a Disk Defragment. Tools Windows default this will help spruce up the placement of the files that you store, so that increases the speed in the process of searching the data that you want to be more efficient because they do not split up again. Not only that, Defragment also serves tidy up files based on file type / data so that it can extend the life of the hard drive and maintain computer performance.

Too Much Install Anti-Virus
For security, you need to install security programs such as antivirus and firewall. However, that does not mean more security program to install some antivirus as well as making the computer more secure. It could even charge the computer. Moreover, if the size of the software is enough. For the problem of security windows, you can simply perform the update, enable windows firewall and antivirus that does not burden the use of computers, AVAST one of them.

Problematic hard drive
Not only the RAM, the cause of a slow computer can also be caused by the hard disk. Several things can cause problems including hard disk capacity hard disk is getting full, the hard drive is fragmented, the old hard drive so that the rpm decreases, or the hard drive is experiencing errors / bad sectors. To resolve the problem on the hard drive, you can upgrade the hard drive capacity and make sure that the hard drive always clean, and avoid hard drive from shock and overheating. Meanwhile, to repair damage to the hard drive, you can run Check Disk through the command line. How, in the Start Menu type “chkdsk”.

The existence of Viruses, Malware or Spyware
When the performance of your computer slows down, try to check the presence of viruses, malware, or spyware running without your knowledge. If your computer has been visited by a virus, try running Windows Safe Mode, turn off system restore facility, and use antivirus program. To enter in Safe Mode in Windows 7, restart the PC and press the F8 key repeatedly. While appearing menu Advanced Boot Options menu check in, and select the Safe Mode menu “When you’re done you can restart alias reboot into Windows as usual. Do not forget to update the operating system.

Hardware components to overheat (overheat)

The decline in the performance of the computer can also be caused by hardware that is too hot (overheat). Typically, hardware overheating that occurred on the hard drive, VGA card, processor or CPU. For that, try to keep the air circulation on the inside of the CPU to always run well and clean of dust, so that all of the hardware components work smoothly. If you are using a laptop, avoid using it on a soft surface, because it can increase levels of heat on the laptop and the existence of barriers to the circulation of air on the laptop fan. It is better to use a cooling pad or an additional fan that is placed on the bottom of the laptop.

Konektifias problems on the network
In addition to hardware problems, network traffic is high, hub or switch that hangs, the virus that tries to break into computer systems can cause computer performance decreases. For meng deal with it, try to pair off and back RJ45 connector on the LAN card or LAN rosette, and then restart Switch / hub and use a third phak assistance programs like port scanners to see what data packet in and out of the computer.

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Pizzeria Regina Gili Trawangan

Have you ever imagined for a vacation to a remote island, no motorized vehicles, white sand beaches and safe for tourists? If so why not try! Because you do not have to go abroad to find a remote island according to the criteria above.

Name the island of Gili Trawangan , Lombok West Nusa Tenggara. Once you set foot on the island of Gili Trawangan, you will be enchanted by the beauty of this island, from the beauty of the beach with white sand, blue sky with clear sea water will be able to see.

Today the island of Gili Trawangan Lombok is very popular among international travelers usually visit while on vacation in Bali because of its distance from Bali is quite close. Want to know the best way to Gili Trawangan from Bali, please click the link best transfer from bali to gili island by fast boats


To go to the island of Gili Trawangan, you can rent a fast boat from Bali to immediately arrive at the island of Gili Trawangan. One of marine transportation services provider type fast boat from Bali to Gili Trawangan is Wahana Gili Ocean .

If you depart from Lombok to Gili Trawangan island, you can just rent a boat from Lombok Malimbu who spent about 15 minutes from Malimbu to reach the island of Gili Trawangan.

The uniqueness of the island of Gili Trawangan

The main thing and the unique and there is no region other tourist attractions that make travelers like vacation in Gili Trawangan is the island of Gili Trawangan smoke pollution-free vehicles. Dipergunakannya local rules prohibit motor vehicles for transportation. Instead of transportation you can rent a bike or cidomo (a type of a carriage drawn by a horse).

Gili Trawangan Island is an island located to the northwest of the island of Lombok. Gili Trawangan including most large island compared with the two other islands of Gili Meno and Gili Air .

Gili Trawangan has facilities supporting tourism is more complete than the island of Gili Meno and Gili Air. Facilities supporting tourism in Gili Trawangan such as hotels, restaurants, bars and an existing ATM machine. So it would be no trouble finding accommodation and restaurants on the island.

Culinary Tourism Gili Lombok

Gili Trawangan Lombok Island has only 3 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide, the island is small but has a stunning natural beauty. Besides enjoying the natural scenery, you can try culinary tours in Gili Trawangan Lombok.

One of the places to eat in Gili Trawangan that you can try for a culinary tour is the restaurant Pizzeria Regina Gili Trawangan.

Restaurant Pizzeria Regina is located on the coast of the island of Gili Trawangan. Offering a dining area inside the room and outside the room is open to the reeds, and paved with white sand.

The first impression that you will feel when you first visit to the restaurant Pizzeria Regina Gili Trawangan is the impression of simple and natural.

Wall restaurant Pizzeria Regina Gili Trawangan made of bamboo parts are colored like the Italian flag and all the chairs and tables are made from bamboo, comfortable enough to enjoy a typical Italian dishes with friends and relatives while enjoying the beauty of the beach Gili.

Menu Pizzeria Regina Gili Trawangan

Restaurant Pizzeria Gili presents several Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta and barbecue, with a taste that certainly delicious and fairly friendly service.

The advantages of the Gili Pizzeria restaurants, pizza menu that is served is processed by using wood-burning stoves (wood burning oven) which will provide a more savory flavor and ripeness evenly compared with pizza processed using a conventional oven or salamander. In addition, you can order a pizza topping you want.

For a pizza menu at the restaurant Pizzeria Regina Gili Trawangan choice:

Hawaian pizza
gorgonzolla pizza
Vegetable pizza
Margherita pizza with salami

There are still many other pizza toppings to your messages according to your taste. The pizza dough served mostly made of thin, causing soft and crispy taste in every bite of pizza you ordered.

Pasta menu is also available at the restaurant Pizzeria Gili such as:


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How To Learn Computer For Beginners

How To Learn Computer For Beginners  or learn computer basics. Who the hell are not familiar with computers. Create a blogger friend certainly is no stranger to the name of the computer. Previously I’ve shared tips and tricks about 5 Apps To Accelerate Performance Laptop / Computer.

My little experience of learning the computer, I became interested in computers since I entered vocational and life starts from contracted with my friend (brother of my class) that has the ability above my computer. Naturally first learned computer: D


Computer learning for me is very enjoy, cool to learn if it is easy, but when it’s difficult to want to slam the computer: D. wrote the name of learning is like that. When I was new to computers I learn? Because I do not have a computer so, for learning still see your friends how to operate, how to turn, how to turn off, and how move data to a thumb drive, because I always observe what he did on his computer Alhamdulillah, I slightly understand how to operate a computer.

So How To Learn Computer For Beginners?

Okey here I will share How To Learn Computer For starters, that’s called learning it should be from the base used to be, for you are still new to the computer follows that you should know and tips to help keep you comfortable in operating a computer.

1. How Good and True Sitting in Front of Computer

Sitting too long in front of a computer can lead to postural problems we even have an impact on the overall health of the body. Here are the instructions to avoid health problems occur.

  1. Put a small pillow

Put a small pillow behind your lower back. To be around the waist and buttocks can be comfortable and relax.

  1. Sit wrong

Have a seat as well as any if we sit wrong way then it will not improve posture. Avoid bending, too close to the computer keyboard and crossed his legs.

Here’s how to sit right:

– Both feet are placed straight on the floor with your knees slightly higher than the hips or bench.

– Elbow comfortable on the side or back of the chair and put on your shoulders relaxed straight.

– Head look straight ahead.

– Focus on abdominal breathing to increase oxygen to the body. Abdominal breathing also makes you feel relaxed.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Dehydration can make us easily tired and sat way tends to fall when we are short of water in the body. Suitable drink is water, tea or juice to avoid dehydration.

  1. Move

Avoid sitting all day in a chair / computer. Move regularly to get up every 20 to 30 minutes to stretch the muscles. You can also take a walk for an energy boost.

  1. Reduce the brightness of the Monitor

The screen is too bright is not good for the health of our eyes, we can adjust the brightness of the monitor with the brightness of 50% – 80% or according to the ambient light so as not to hurt your eyes.

  1. Visibility

Maintain visibility is very important that our eyes do not get tired and sore. You can set the visibility to monitor about 45 cm – 60 cm.

2. Learn with Your Own Computer

Practicing with the computer itself will be more enjoyable and certainly more freely anytime and anywhere you can learn and practice without having to chase-chase time and without fear of broken computers. We can imagine that the computer is damaged.

3. Know the Basic Computer Tricks

Knowing the basic tricks of the computer is very important for the learning process more enjoyable, following basic computer tricks that you can apply in your computer each.

# Go Computer Shortcut

Shortcut Computer? Shortcut computer is a shortcut rather how to carry out the computer to make it faster, saving time. The following shortcuts for novice computer base that must be known.

  1. Ctrl + A = (All) To select an entire file)
  1. Ctrl + C = (Copy) To copy a file)
  1. Ctrl + X = (Cut) Serves to move the file or folder)
  1. Ctrl + V = (Paste) Displays the files that have been copied or cut)
  1. Ctrl + N = (New) Opens the same library on a new page)
  1. Ctrl + R = (Right) Showing sentences are to be blocked into a flush right)
  1. Ctrl + W = (Wrap) Closes library that we are open)
  1. Ctrl + Y = (Redo / Repeat) To return to the command has been canceled)
  1. Ctrl + Z = (Undo) to cancel previous orders)
  1. CTRL + Shift + N (New Folder) To create a new folder)
  1. F2 = (Rename) To give a new name to a file / folder)

Note: Shortcut above not only functions in Windows Explorer but also in a program such as MS. Office and other programs. Now that’s a small fraction of computer shortcut that you must know.

# Set of commands CMD (command prompt)
CMD (Command prompt) is a DOS command that was in the windows which can be accessed online or offline, the command prompt itself is a feature that is quite interesting and has a function that is quite useful, where we can access , rename files, this feature can also untukk blocking sites that we want such as facebook, youtube etc. But not all computer users who use this feature wisely, as for some cracker who often take action jahilnya through this CMD.

Notice the: There are several CMD command that does not work if we do not open CMD via Run as administrator . I click Start => All programs => Acessories then right click on cmd and select  Run as administrator.

In the next article, I will share how to remove the virus using cmd command is attrib . So keep visiting Blog Learning Computer For Beginners .  If your flash be exposed to viruses and data in the flash is not visible, then this cmd command you should apply.

Set of commands CMD :

4. Know the Main Components Computer Systems (Hardware, Software and Brainware)

To operate a computer there are three essential elements that must be met, these elements are Hardware, Software and Brainware. The following explanation of the 3 components of the computer.

  1. Hardware

Hardware is computer hardware that can be seen and touched. The hardware consists of an input device (input device) output (output data card), media storage, processing device. Each of these devices is, monitor, mouse, keyboard, hard drive, RAM, CPU, and so forth. The hardware devices to each other forming a single unit that can be used.

  1. Software

Software is software which is a program / application that can be used in the form of computer commands that can be understood by computers. This is the software that operates the hardware (hardware) that exist on the computer. I mean that Windows software, media players such as winam, browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and so forth. Without the software, the computer hardware will not be able to operate.

  1. Brainware

Brainware (users) a person who controls or users who operate a computer, so hardware and software or the computer will not function without Braindware (users) are running.

So the above three components, functions and roles that are interrelated to one another. So if one component is not met, then the computer will not be able to run.

5. Never Feel Smart, Keep Practicing and Learning

Never feel smart, keep practicing and keep learning do not forget to rest as well so that the mind remains fresh. The more practice, the more proficient in computers. And cultivate curiosity in learning computer.

That tips from me about  How To Learn Computer For Beginners please add the simple tips below, but useful for all of us. And thank you so hopefully these tips can be useful.

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It’s No 7 New Tourism Sites in Lombok Again Trend, Guns Want Roads ??

Lately Name Lombok increasingly popular and prevalent than in other regions. In addition to the promotion of a more vigorous with fantastic photographs of tourist objects, indirectly participate catch fire world of tourism and economic life of local residents.
That is why today many travel agents will be happy to gili getaway fast boat escort you to the coolest places in remote island of Lombok. Plus the internet access which is easy in this modern era, also mushroomed sights in Lombok recently uploaded the traveler; make a lot of drool traveler to quickly set foot on the Thousand Island Mosque this.
Well, if you want the streets to Lombok and want to venture a new tourist attractions scattered across the corners of the island of Lombok, we summarize the following information for you:

1. Kedis Gili Sekotong, Serasa Own Private Island

Usually, tourists come to Lombok for running 3 Gili in Lombok northern part that is so phenomenal (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air). But have you ever heard of Gili Kedis in Sekotong area there?
As of this writing, seems to have some travelers are getting interested to mengexplore this cool little island. A small island only took about 10 minutes to run out around it. The island can be achieved at a time when visiting Gili Nanggu located not far west side.
Nanggu Gili, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis is 3 exotic islands with sea water is super clear and translucent, with beaches lined panoramic views. Gili Kedis, you easily see and find the star starfish, coral pink termbu, as well as marine biota without the aid of glasses snorkel. Oh yes, the middle Gili kedis, there is a gazebo (berugaq) and also quite large trees for shade.

2. Niagara Tiu Teja, Fresh Create Missing Weary

Waterfall located in the village Santong North Lombok regency (KLU) is a favorite of the traveler because of its uniqueness. Besides categorized as adventure travel, to reach it you have to discover one by one around which hundreds of stairs decorated leafy trees, Waterfall Tiu Teja is also referred to as the twin waterfalls. Will increasingly look stunning when exposed to sunlight bias and formed a colorful rainbow. So, besides spoiled with fresh mountain water of Mount Rinjani, also like an angel because they can bathe rainbow. ….

3. Niagara Tibu Ijo, Outdoor Adrenaline Challenge

For you who like a challenge, Niagara Tibu Ijo located in the village of Gunung Sari Kekait District of West Lombok district this is the right place. From the location of the waterfall Tibu Ijo, you can see a beautiful view of the hills haparan, palm plantation residents and also natural rustic atmosphere in Lombok.
Named Tibu Ijo, because supposedly at the bottom of the waterfall whirlpool there are natural pools unfounded.Make sure you’re there when the partner is a challenging place to yes. Anyway, the location of this waterfall can be reached only about 20 minutes from downtown Mataram.

4. bebet Bebasaq Niagara, Niagara Baru in Central Lombok

Niagara bebet Bebasaq is in Lantan village, district Batukliang Central Lombok regency. The waterfall is found the last few months, so he is still a new destination in Lombok. That’s why when you try to locate the full info on Google, you’ll see only one or two status and photos on medsos related waterfalls.
Nothing has been too much information about this new destination. According to some people, the access road to get there is still quite difficult because it has not been opened to the public. However, upon arriving in this place you will be presented by the natural scenery of Lombok island top really. No permeation of water interrupted between foliage and rock cliffs around it, you can also bathe in this place for free!

5. Coastal Epic Hypnotize in the area of Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan beach is quite popular among both local and foreign tourists. Natural attractions are located in the southern part of Central Lombok is quite reached within 1.5 hours drive from downtown Mataram. Access roads have been pretty good, (except the last 5 km), public facilities such as toilets and a secure car park are also available. On arriving in this region you will be presented with a white sandy beach panorama typical pepper. Do not forget return ya: D

6. Mount Merese, Most Favorite Place for Lovers

Not far from Pantai Tanjung Aan, is the Hill Merese dubbed lovers place. Although to reach this place must fight and sweat for runs first climbed the hill, but the natural charm of Lombok with sparkling white sand that will make you amazed. Just like panorama beach in New Zealand bray, !!
In addition, from the top of the hill, you can see a row of beach other beaches such as Pantai Seger on its western side, Pantai Batu Payung and Gili Son shift in its eastern side.  again, this milk behind the hill there are some virgin beach spot that hardly ever visited by tourists know, that’s so cool !!

7. Bukit Anak Dara, Lombok Pesona above Clouds

Bukit Anak Dara is one of a row of beautiful hills surrounding the village Sembalun. Dazzling charms able to enchant anyone to visit him soon. This hill is said to be the second-highest hill which is in Sembalun Bumbung.
From Bukit Anak Dara, you can enjoy the natural scenery of Lombok from different sides. Being on the east side of the foot of Mount Rinjani towering, with an altitude of 1,921 meters above sea level surrounded Bukit Anak Dara makes the clouds seemed to be like in a fairy tale world. Oh yes, the hill is also dubbed the best place to see the sunrise in Lombok, you know, sure !!
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What’s LTE 4G network and what should be understood

What’s 4G LTE network – 4G smartphone Although fever is sweeping the country and resonates everywhere including many labeled 4G smartphone presence as Polytron Zap 5. but the true problem is not as simple as imagined 4G orang.Semua many people advised if today almost everyone requires cell phone by tinggi.Hal speed internet is certainly to support various activities of telecommunications is increasingly diverse, from web browsing, chatting and foremost of course bersosial media.Untuk user characteristics Indonesia is more use of chat applications such as BBM, Whatsapp and Line, WeChat etc. and social media such as Facebook, instagram and twitter like being wajib.Hal menu that encouraged the use of mobile internet connection is increasingly widespread and is likely to increase from day kehari.Dan 4G LTE network is one of the high-speed internet solutions to support this. what is the 4G LTE network

Responding to this, the government and several mobile operators airpun ground began to implement the usage frequency for 4G internet service in the service Indonesia.Maka 4G or LTE (Long Term Evolution) has become increasingly popular throughout the day followed by some operators who have started playing dijaringan 4G. XL Axiata, Telkomsel and smartfren already started menggeber services in several cities in Indonesia. Even later attended a special operator who issued a special modem 4G 4G namely bolt. what the 4G LTE network


What is the 4G LTE network

A wide variety of publications and dissemination 4G with all the promise of high-speed internet connection inevitably make many users flocked to switch to 4G without thinking first. However, if they need to be listened to more far deeper education regarding 4G networks is to avoid misunderstandings that lead to disappointment pengguna.Beralih to 4G is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, simply by replacing the phone and then arbitrarily finish is the assumption that keliru.Ada some things you must take before switching to 4G by replacing the sim card you.Anything the 4G LTE network

The first: before yours decided to switch to a 4G network first consider if not all regions have a 4G network support. As well as the largest operator Telkomsel new course comes in several major cities in Indonesia, as well as Indosat. smartfren XL and instead just start trials of the Bali and continued to other cities such as Semarang, Surabaya, poor and if you stay. The areas or corners of the village should think twice to switch to 4G as it will be in vain.
The second most important factor as well known is the network frequency adjustment and smartphones that used to be in sync. That gini know LTE network in Indonesia currently stands at a frequency of 900 MHz and 1800 mHz.kalau smartphone you only support one or the other then certainly you will get a signal hassles konsisten.Jadi 4G smartphone as much as possible make sure you support the networks mentioned above well if you want to wear for accessing internet with 4G. Additionally there is one operator that turned out to have a different 4G frequency spectrum with other operators

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How to obtain the legend hero Castle Clash with Easy

Hero Legend on Castle Clash game is also known by the term Legendary Hero. Hero Legends is the hero who has the ability of getting high enough and to most severe when compared with another hero.

Game Castle Clash is very similar with Clash of Clans. how we have to attack and be attacked. as well as our defense, must be correctly in preparing all the fortress that are not easily penetrated by the opponent.

Here we discuss about how to get Castle Clash Gems, Gems is the heart of this game for a lot of useless gems and its benefits. as well as Clash Of Clans Gems.

How to get these gems is to buy them using money and can also use a credit card for a rich man who squandered his money.
But this time there is no secret how to get Gems with a free and easy way to use Android.

In this game, among Legendary Heroes can simply owned by Gem tips Roll. Legendary Hero Among them: Pumpkin Duke, Snowzilla, Cupid, Aries, Vlad Dracula, Orksbane, Santa Boom, Pixie, and Death Knight. Or with the system in-game purchases, get resource mana, gems to castle clash gem hack is the Spirit Hero Mage, Minotaur Chieftain, and Destroyer with the price range of the Gems swap tricks.


Here I will give you tips on how to get between Hero Legend in Castle Clash (Conflict Castle) is easy and free. Yes I immediately wrote us look at the tutorial below:

How to Obtain Gems Trick Hero Legend with Roll predictably easy:

First login to the castle clash pas hours (4: 00-04: 15), (09: 00-09: 15), (18: 00-18: 15) (Time server)
If already logged do not push anything yes, immediately wrote to the Hero Altar (Altar hero)
After that hire use HB 1 times. Note: (HB: Hero Base)
Well kept hiring wear gems 150 1 times
Continue to hire again with the use gems 450 1 times.
This  Note Play Castle Clash HERO:
if hire X150 dapetnya Camphion Sacrifice, will likely hire 70% would get hero Legend x450.
if hire X150 dapetnya hero Legend, will likely hire x450 90% would get hero Legend
paake hire if HB dapetnya “Slime violet”, later perhaps 80% hire a make gems X150 and x450 dapetnya Hero Legend. later on maybe 25% hire x450 would get Hero Legend


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Benefits Computers in Education

In the era of globalization, many things one can do with a computer. Computers are the media or tools to facilitate the work of someone either in education or otherwise.Computers are very active in education. Besides being able to access information from all over the world, the computer can also help educators to teach and present lessons interesting and creative both in school and in college so that students feel comfortable with the teaching that has been given by educators. As we know that sometimes the lessons presented by educators can attract students to learn if the teaching provided by the educator interesting and creative. Learners who wish to understand the material more deeply than a field of study can install the software (program) that relates to the lesson. Computers can also help learners to make scientific work was good and interesting. Information – information that supports scientific work that can be search through the internet. Therefore, many computer users who are comfortable using a computer.


The benefits of computers in education, namely:

  1. Educators can have a variety of teaching using the computer. According Sudjana and Rival (1989) there are several models of learning with the computer, the model of training and practice ( drill and practice ), the model tutorial ( tutorials ), the model discovery ( problem solving ), the model simulations ( simulations ), and the model of the game ( game ) , This model can be used educators in the learning activities for learning more interesting so that it can help learners to develop their knowledge.
  2. The ability of learners can be increased with computer facilities. They can work on a task – the task creatively through the computer because the computer is able to display text, color, motion, sound, video, pictures and more.
  3. Intelligence psychomotor students can be stimulated in the presence of technology-based education. Students can determine the type or direction of education which is beneficial for him to improve the quality of education.
  4. The computer is a medium or tool to facilitate the work. However, the key to the creation of good quality education is on the inside of the computer users both educators and learners. Without the will and perseverance of learners, to learn, it will only be an inanimate object or a display that does not have benefits.

Computers are also a useful means of expressing one’s creativity. For people who like to draw or write, he can use a computer to support his work. With computers we can create our own design with attractive shapes and colors. So also with writing. We no longer need to write the essay manually with pen and paper, but with computers can all be done quickly and orderly. We can assemble or essay writing page after page with a variety of writing we want. In this day and age can all be done quickly and with maximum computer. Almost everyone in the world to recognize the computer and already there are many people who use the computer. Especially now that many mobile phones or modems that can be used for internet. Many computer users who forget the time for frequent visits to the sites on the internet. Even to anyone willing to spend money to buy credits in order to open up than eat.

So, the computer will be very useful when used for something positive. In addition to increasing knowledge and insight, we can also creativity through a computer. So, be a diligent and creative student and then you’ll be the winner.

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Lembongan Island or in Balinese means Nusa Lembongan is a small island located in the Strait of Badung right section of southeast Bali. The island is adjacent to the Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan .Nusa Lembongan become one of the tourist spots are in Bali which has a very beautiful scenery. Quiet beach with a natural cool atmosphere makes visitors feel welcome to stay too long in these locations.Unlike the case with other beach resort located in Bali, Nusa Lembongan atmosphere so quiet, scoot fast cruises lembongan the number of motors that passing is not much, no cars, but bikes become frequently used means of transportation to get around.


Lembongan Island is included on the territory of Klungkung regency . Most people in the community have livelihood as farmers seaweed and partly working in the tourism sector. For travelers who want to visit in Nusa Lembongan, we just need to come in Sanur. Well, there are many boats Sanur to Nusa Lembongan. Because the journey must go through the waters, then we simply select the type of transport used. You can use Speedboat roughly takes about 30-45 minutes, while the use of a wooden boat takes approximately 1 hour to get in Lembongan Island. For those who have limited funds we recommend to use only wooden boats.

Nusa Lembongan we will find many interesting places that we can visit include white sandy beaches, natural caves and unique artificial cave, marshes full of mystery, or challenging sea cliffs. The beaches have crystal clear sea water and there are various types of fish and coral reefs that you can see. It is a hidden beauty and worthy to serve as tourist attractions heading to Bali.

Also you can visit other attractions namely Goa Gala-Gala . Goa shape of a large hole under the ground. Inside the cave there are spaces for meditation, bathing, sleeping and cooking. Even in the cave there is a living room complete with the seats. The entrance Goa Gala-Gala fairly narrow and had to use the stairs to go down. Inside the cave is equipped with lighting in order to facilitate the visitors who want to see the room under the ground. According to the stories of local people, if this cave was built by a self-named Made Vyasa at the age of 75 years and stopped digging at the age of 90 years.Made Vyasa makes this cave was inspired by the story of the Pandavas in isolation.

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