Begin 8 Ball Pool With The Best Strategy

Popularity game 8 Ball Pool is already beyond a reasonable doubt. Online billiards game allows us to play billiards in a variety of devices such as PC, Android, and iOS. If you’re playing on your laptop or computer then make sure you’ve installed Adobe Flash Player before.

To win the game 8 Ball Pool are some tips that you can follow. The main thing is you have to frequently practice to familiarize you play with konsentration Cleaner. Additionally, you will have its own coins that you can exchange a variety of tools such as the stick. Adjust stick you want to purchase premises budget you have. Indeed, the more expensive a billiard stick then the quality will be better. However, you need to pay attention to the comfort factor and other items that are likely also to be purchased later.

8 ball pool hack s

Secondly, make sure you win in the shot the first ball in the first innings. Give the best shot and make sure the ball into the hole. In addition, try no trailer balls and ball must always be split. Next, predict and estimate when the ball will stop. To determine where the ball will stop, set the power of the shot ball. In doing poke try to always carefully and in full concentration.

In addition to some of the tips above, to start playing the game 8 Pool Tool You also need to know some of the menu in gaming applications. These menus contains various locations in the game 8 Ball Pool hack. Some of these locations among other things:

1. Play 1 on 1

In this menu, you will fight billiard players from different countries and different levels in the world. To play in this menu you should have a minimum of 50 coins and coin against other players. There are several locations and places that can be played are:
• Monaco All in Lounge
• To play d this location we are required to pay 1000 coins
• Downtown London Pub

Cost compete at this location is 50 coins with a gift that you can get is 100 coins.
• Sydney Marina Bar
You have to pay 100 coins and if you win you will get 200 coins.
• Moscow Winter Club
To compete in this location you will have to pay 500 coins with a prize of 1000 coins.
• Tokyo Warrior Hall
You are required to pay 2,500 coins with a gift that you can get is 5000 coins.
• Las Vegas Full House
You have to pay 10,000 coins to play in this location with the prize is 10,000 coins
• Jakarta Vulcano
Gifts that you can get is 100,000 coins with a registration fee of 50,000 coins.
• Toronto Maple Suite
The registration fee this location is 100,000 coins with the prize of 200,000 coins if you can win the game.
• Cairo Kasbah
You have to pay a registration fee of 250,000 coins with a gift that you can get is 500,000 coins.
• Dubai Golden Challenge
You will be charged a registration fee of 500,000 coins with the prize is one million coins.
• Shanghai Oriental Pearl
Same with Dubao Golden Challenge, You are required to pay 500,000 coins with a gift that you can get if winning games is 1,000,000 coins.
• Paris Chateau
You are required to pay 2,500,000 5,000,000 coins with coin as a reward when winning the match.
• Bangkok Temple
This is the most expensive location with registration and prize koj 5,000,000 10,000,000 coins
• Roman Colosseum
Fees paid and received gifts to play in this location at the Paris chateu ie 2,500,000 5,000,000 prize coins with coin

2. Play Tournament

Here there will be 8 players compete to win the 8 Ball Poo. There are some tournaments that can be selected as below:
• Downtown London Pub Tournament
The entry fee is 200 coins with the prize is 1000 coins.
• Sydney Marina Bar Tournament
You must register for 3000 coins and the top prize is 18,000 coins.
• Moscow Winter Club Tournament
You will sign 5000 coins with the prize is 30,000 coins.
• Tokyo Warrior Hall Tournament
The registration fee is 10,000 coins with a prize of 60,000 coins.
3. Play minigames
On the menu you will be invited to play simple games such as Spin and Win, and Win scrath, and Hi-Lo.
4. Play with Friends
In this menu you will play one on one with a friend we know who is on Facebook.

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How to Build a Simple Network Insternet with UTP Cables

hall should consider in building computer networks, of course, personal computers are used in the network will largely determine the performance of the network. Computer with high performance will be able to send and access data in the network quickly.

Crimping pliers

Tang krimping is a tool to install the UTP cable to the RJ-45 / RJ-11 depending on needs. The shape kinds there were large with many functions, such as to cut the wires, peeling and so forth. There also are only intended to crimp RJ-45 or RJ-11 only. Examples like this picture.

Function Crimping Pliers:

cutting the cord
Removing the cable wrapping
installing the connector

UTP cables

Unshielded Twisted-Pair (UTP abbreviated) is a type of wired network using copper base material, which is not equipped with an internal shield. UTP is the most common type of cable is often used in local area network (LAN), because it’s cheap price, performance that showed relatively good

Characteristics UTP Cables:

MAX. CABLE: 100 Meters
JACK: RJ-45 (RJ = Registered Jack)
COST: Offers
TOPOLOGY PHYSICAL: Star, Extended Star, Tree
Installation: Young

Straight Cable Definition:
Straight cable is used when want to connect between the computer and the hub or vice versa. In other words, this method is used when we are going to connect two or more computers, but through an intermediary such as a hub or switch.

Definition Cable cross:
Cable Cross cable is different from the cable Straight usually used for network point-to-point or hub pc to pc directly without passing through any other media. and between sequences cable at one end to the other end are different.

Tester for Tested Cable Network

Used to test the results of the wiring is correct or not.
How to Check the Network Cable Tester
The steps that must be done to find out the network cable is still good or already there are broken adalh as follows:
1.Siapkan tester and make sure that the battery in the tester can still be used.
2.Siapkan network cable that we will test.
3.Sambungkan end of the network cable to the tester and the other end is also connected to the tester.
4. Once both ends are connected. Turn on the tester by pressing the button on the tester.
Perhatihkan existing lights on the tester. The lights will be lit in turn. Jikasemua light to the good, the cable network is still good and if the light is not illuminated, no network cable there are broken and must be replaced. Thus creating networks may be useful

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Tips Use Garcinia Cambogia Good For Body

Are you a victim of a dietary supplement that is not clear? Or are you still confused diet method that is good and right? You do not need to be confused. Now there is a safe method to your diet without reducing your appetite. More recently, a private television channel program in the middle of discussing the plant which is known as Garcinia Cambogia. Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit native to Indonesia, which is widely used in the Malay region and Batak. Garcinia Cambogia itself in Indonesia called gelugur acid. In culinary typical Malay Archipelago such as goulash and Kare we can find flavors that result from this gelugur acid. Garcinia Cambogia has a shape similar to the mangosteen fruit because it’s still a family. The content of this fruit is not only useful for weight loss, but also to treat diabetes, maintaining a healthy body, and so forth. However, it is well-known properties that are effective for weight loss. Important for you to understand what herbal medicine is suitable for you so that it can minimize the side effects. Well, here are tips on the use of Garcinia Cambogia that will help you figure out whether the drug is safe and suitable for you.

Tips use of Garcinia Cambogia is actually quite simple. You need to balance the consumption of this herbal medicine with a healthy diet and exercise. Your weight will not go down if you rely on any herbal remedies. If you are still lazy to exercise, at least look for activities that keep you on the move could be the right choice. Also not advisable for you to eat foods that contain lots of fiber. Garcinia Cambogia you need to drink at least 30 minutes before eating. If you eat fibrous foods, your stomach will not absorb Garcinia Cambogia optimally because they have to digest fibrous foods that you eat. The combination of the food is not fibrous and Garcinia Cambogia can quickly help you lose weight. You can eat food without fiber such as beans.
Tips use Garcinia Cambogia of course is you need so that you can take these drugs appropriately and safely. In addition to avoiding foods that contain lots of fiber, avoid all foods that contain lots of fat because it would interfere with the diet that you are living. In addition, it is also important for you to understand the interaction of these drugs. Substances contained in Garcinia Cambogia could disrupt the treatment process to thin the blood and eliminate cholesterol. For that, you need to consult with your doctor first. Garcinia Cambogia is not recommended to consume while you are taking certain medications. This can prevent you from harmful drug interactions.
It is important for you to know tips on the use of Garcinia Cambogia is good for the body. Because if one in use may even harm you. You also need to adjust the dose appropriate to take this herbal medicine every day. The proper use and will keep you safe from user error. You also need to know any side effects when taking medication to excess. Everything is very good thing if it is obtained in a way that is not instant. Similarly, the ideal body weight. for that you have to be patient and diligent treatment with Garcinia Cambogia and balanced with a healthy diet and regular exercise. get garcinia cambogia free more

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How to Perform a Reset handpone Without Flashing

Perform Factory Reset or reset in android aims to restore the software on android phone or tablet kekondisi early as when coming out of the factory. Factory reset usually done to solve the problem of damage that occurs in the android software.

Factory reset or reset the android will cause all data and applications stored in the internal memory of the phone / tablet android will terhapus.Banyak ways you can do to reset android, either by using the menu Backup and Reset, pressing the secret code, or through Recovery Mode on Android.

Since there are many methods that can be done to reset android phone so I will explain one by one so that you understand them clearly. Here is how to factory reset android phone that you can try for yourself:

Through the Settings Menu / Settings in Android
This method can be tried if you can still access the Settings menu or setting on android, before resetting should first backup the data that are considered important as photos, videos, documents and other important files to External Memory.

To restore to factory settings, the steps are as follows :

Go to the menu Settings / Settings
Scroll to the bottom and find the menu Backup and Reset
Then tap to Factory data reset
Tick assumed to be true, then tap the device reset.
Wait until the process is complete resetnya about 3-10 minutes depending on the amount of data available on phone or tablet.
Once completed, the android will restart itself, if not please do it manually.
The second way that can be taken is to use a secret key that is * 2767 * 3855 #. With a record you can still access the keyboard.

Factory Reset with Recovery Mode
This last step is the most powerful way to reset the android, this way usually do if we can not access the phone / tablet like bootloop.
Here is how to go into Recovery Mode to pull through Wipe Data / Factory Reset on Android:

First make sure your battery is enough, at least 70% in order to avoid unwanted things.
Then turn off your android phone or tablet.
Press and Hold the Volume Up + HOME + Power simultaneously several seconds.
Use the Volume Up to select the “Factory reset / wipe data”.
Then press the Home button to start the reset process.
Wait a while until the process is complete.
Then select the menu again Reboot System Now.
To go into Recovery Mode menu can only be done when the condition of the dead hp (off)

To go into Recovery Mode in each phone sometimes vary depending on the brand / type of phone used, the following is how to enter recovery mode in all brands of android phone.

Logging in Recovery Mode All Brands Smartphone

BeTouch Acer E210 and Acer Liquid Metal:
Press the Volume Down + Camera + Power Simultaneously> Follow the instructions on the screen

Advan T1c:
Press the POWER button, after beginning the start-up, press the Volume Down button until the picture came out Android and Triangle + exclamation mark /! \. After that press the HOME button to go into recovery mode. When the HOME button does not work, try pressing the MENU button.

Cross A1 Tabmate:
Press and hold the Vol Down button and then press the POWER button (both not be released until it enters recovery mode)
Cross AD350:
Press HOME + Volume Down + Power button Press> will show signs /! \> Press the HOME button

Cross A6T TabMate:
Press the Volume Up + Home + Power Button

CSL Blueberry 410 Mi:
Press and hold the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power simultaneously> then press the HOME button

CSL Blueberry 320 Mi:
Press Trackpad + Volume Up + Power button simultaneously

Huawei X3 and X5:
Press and hold the Power button vol up +

Huawei S7:
Press MENU + Call + Power
Ideos C8150 (AHA Touch):
Press Call + Volume Up + Power Button

IMO Tab Z5:
Takan Power + Volume Down buttons simultaneously> when there is the view of IMO, release the Power button (Volume remain on hold).

Press and hold the Camera button + HOME button> wait until the Android logo appears, immediately press the MENU + BACK button simultaneously. Navigation using Volume button, to choose or OK to use the Camera button.

LG L3 E400:
Press Center button + Volume Up + Power button> wait until the LG logo appears, release the power button.

How to Hard Reset LG L3 E400:
Press Center button + Volume Down + Power Button, after vibrating and exit the LG logo, release the power button> wait a few moments.

Samsung Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Gio and Galaxy Fit:
Press the Home button (middle) + Power, wait until Samsung logo appears.

Samsung Galaxy 551:
Press the letter T + Power button. To navigate up and down can use the arrow keys, while to make selection using the Shift key.

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How to open Crown Chest quickly in the clash royale

How to quickly open the Chest in Clash Crown Royale. Judging from the development, it seems Clash Royale can compete with the Clash Of Clans. The gameplay is equally made by Supercell has the same genre in a different style. Equally is a strategy game but with a different kind of battle. In comparison, both are also equally interesting, that’s why Clash Royale has increased significantly.

As usual, most players want to quickly raise their level, not only the level but also want quick adventure every arena without realizing the degree of difficulty when competing in a round of Battle. Basically it is their choice, but if done in a way that is hasty surely will not be fruitless. Similarly, while doing battle, should prepare a combination Troops Card then thought little of what strategies are most effective from a combination Troops Card you have.


How Fast Opening Chest in Clash Crown Royale

Here we will discuss about the Chest in Clash Crown Royale, where you will get it at a time when that has been determined to be for 24 hours and will be open when you get 10 crowns in battle. That means you can not open it any time you want. Crown Chest arguably the most expensive coffin because you will be rewarded with a 3-4 Gems whenever opened. Of all the features in clash royale glicth, you will not find features that can quickly open let alone enforced. But do not feel disappointed once, here How Roaming will give way to open Crown Chest quickly so your opportunities to improve the level can be faster than the usual way of playing.

To be able to open the Crown Chest quickly you will need an application that can give you Xmodgames Mod feature. You can download Xmodgems in the Google Play Store or directly on the site reaminya. This feature does not have the same name as the title of this article, but can be utilized for the purpose of opening the Crown Chest quickly. If you are hesitant to use the Xmod because Supercell policy that strictly prohibits the use Mod features with a permanent compensation Banned, do not worry! please read how to use Xmod Banned account without COC. Do the same way for Clash Royale.

“Note: Read carefully so that you understand how to use this feature and use it only if you are at high or at Arena Arena with an opponent who has a high level”

We’ll use the feature to lower the Clash Trophy Royale, then what to do? Here you have to focus on open Crown Chest, do not think of others, including maintaining Trophy. Because we are discussing is “how fast”, to that I say this feature can be utilized. As you know, the higher the Arena will further complicate your attack in the Battle round because the competition is opposed to the level that would normally be higher than your level. For example if you have reached level 4, you will be hard to compete when it is in Arena 3 (Barbarian Bowl Arena) if you meet an opponent who has reached level 6 and are usually like that, as a result you will be hard to get the crown to open the Crown Chest quickly. To that end, this feature will work when you make the setting number of minimum Trophy you wish, after enabling the feature, he will work with the automatic, you do not even need to press a button Battle he will perform the matchmaking and after the fight ended he continued to do search back and will stop when it has reached the minimum limit Trophy that has been in the previous setting. All you have to do is let them attack your defense until you lose the battle until you get a well-balanced opponent. You will do this very quickly than you need to struggle with strong opponents over and over again but it will not get the crown, it will be much longer than you can imagine.

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How to Create Multiple-Monitor Monitor 3 In One Computer

Creating multiple monitors or multiple monitors on one computer is not that complicated to do the video card and monitor current. For some video cards AMD / Radeon has the exclusive ability on multi-monitor software Eyefinitynya. For users of video cards AMD / Radeon has the option to connect up to five video monitors with their card. More recently, Nvidia has improved its ability and allows end on their cards to have three or four monitors.

Some of the requirements and tools needed to monitor create 3 views:
Three monitors that have the same resolution and has a DVI port and display port. Monitor best to use multiple-monitor can be found on Amazon
Video card that supports at least three monitors with multi-monitor software
Video card with two DVI ports and a display port or video card with two ports total. There is also a video card that is specifically used to make multi-monitor or multiple monitors and with full port adapter.

Stand for 3 monitors

One cable display port and two DVI to DVI video cable

How to connect a third monitor:
The first thing you should do is make sure that you have all the equipment needed to make three monitors you can run well. If you try to use an existing monitor and the monitor does not have enough ports then you have to connect with the adapter.
Once you set your monitor in a separate place, then you need to connect to monitors with your video card. Two monitors to be connected to the DVI and the third with a display port. If all monitors have a display port and your video card has three display ports, then you can use all three display ports. Video card AMD / Radeon can be used with three or more ports but Nvidia video card can only be used one port, but could be with two DVI ports

Now that your monitor is connected, you can go to the Control Panek your video card software and enable multi-monitor option. At this time you can also set to extended desktop mode and set the resolution you want to use. Here we will provide a way to setup video card from AMD Eyefinity and Nvidia Surround:

1. AMD Eyefinity

Things you need to prepare is three compatible monitor that supports AMD Eyefinity technology mode, DVI connector, panel with suitable quality. You can also use more than three monitor models. Susunana monitor that must be considered is the setting arrangement Eyefinity for 3 to 6 monitors.


Nowadays, almost all types Radeon, Eyefinity system requires you to use at least one DisplayPort output. This means you have two options, the first is to use an active DisplayPort to DVI converter, along with standard DVI monitor while the second is to use a DisplayPort capable monitor.

To help use a DisplayPort connector, there is now a new type converter to convert the output to DVI and have a low purchase price, allowing you to use 3 DVI-based display. Such converters limited its operation only for a resolution of 1920 × 1200.

After setting up the monitor as the position you want and compatible, next is to install the Catalyst driver. Then after entry into the Catalyst Control Center, go to Desktops and Displays menu and then right-click the monitor on which you want to play the display, then select “Display Group” and then select “Create Group”.

How to Create Multiple-Monitor / Monitor 3 In One Computer
CCC will then create a desktop display of three screens. There is a possibility at this time there will be error, for example, the screen was showing the left of the screen image. This is where the function wizard that allows Catalyst to fix this. After that, you then choose to tweak their layout to compensate for the bezel on each screen.

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Overview of the Stages In Crisis Castle Clash Mod APK

Castle Clash Mod APK Feature Overviews Soldiers Stage Lights:
1. The game will record information related to Tower, headquarters of Heroes, traps, walls, and Totem Hero in basicly get download castle clash mod apk more feature add
2. Adjust the layout of the building and form a good basis to survive attacks Lighted Army.
3. Tap Challenge to start. Wave after wave of troops Lights will come your way, do your best to survive the onslaught of enemies and produce high DMG points.
4. When all the hero is defeated and all the buildings have been destroyed, the battle will be over and the report will come out fighting.
5. You have two opportunities each day to challenge this stage during the event.

Phase Fraudster:
1. You got two opportunities each day to challenge this stage during the event. Each challenge allow you to draw five cards.
2. Each card that you earn will provoke one of the four mini-games available, “Cards of Destiny”, “Experiment Fortune”, “Skills Match”, and “True or False”.


Phase Avaricifer:
Donate Gold, Mana, Fraction Hero, or Symbol of Honor to earn Points Donation

Phase Archdemon:
1. This stage will be open after the three previous phases have been completed. Tap on the picture Archdemon to access this stage.
2. You can form a team of six Heroes. Tap “Start” to challenge the Archdemon.
3. Ability: Archdemon has two random ability. Tap the exclamation mark for more information.
4. Best Damage: This section shows the highest amount of damage you caused to Archdemon in one experiment.

Rewards Events
Lighted Stage 1.Imbalan Army: Points Benefits
The benefits package will be sent to the warehouse you’ve got as a gift based on the ratings tahapanmu. Checks in the game to see the number Package benefits that can be achieved by the existing ratings.
Benefits Package I -> 1000 Benefit
Benefits Package II -> 5000 Benefit
Benefits Package III -> 20,000 Benefits
Phase 2.Imbalan Avaricifer: Emblem
Treasure chests Emblem, Emblem Boxes and Bags Emblem will be delivered to the warehouse you’ve got as a gift based on the ratings tahapanmu. Checks in the game to see the number of items that can be achieved by the existing ratings.

Fraudsters 3.Imbalan Stage: Peti Luck
You will get a number of different Peti Luck, based on the ratings tahapanmu. Checks in the game to see the number of items that can be obtained based on ratings.
Luck chests containing 1000 Symbol of Honor and a random rare item recorded as follows:
Legend of Heroes card, Peti Hidden Talent, Monster Pass, Card Sign experiment, Card Sign Prison

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Tips On Buying A Gaming PC High End Assemblies Specifications At Cheap Prices

Tips on how to complete and properly choosing and buying a computer pc gaming that is constructed of high end specs cheap price. If you are playing a game, all you have to do first is to choose the comfortable kompuetr for gaming. The game play is sometimes stalled for a moment or even stopping only once because the computer is slow. At the very least, you need a PC gaming really can be especially severe for gaming.

The latest games are currently most heavily played so need a PC gaming assembled the best high end specifications. If you impose a particularly heavy game games to be played on a computer that is not appropriate, it is thus damaging your computer. The more the weight of the game being played then requires the right computer so that the computer is not damaged.


Indeed, if you lay still in terms of computer components, to get gaming PC high end specification assemblies that match the minimal budget so you can play games with seamless indeed difficult difficult easy. A little difficult to determine Assembly gaming PC high end specifications that can be used for the latest gaming and gaming.

Growing number of computer components which are sold in the market at this time, making the game lovers are also more difficult to determine which computers are really capable gaming heavyweight. However, you can select the PC gaming with high end specifications Assembly pay attention to some specific components within.

Here are some ways that you notice and consider before selecting and buying a computer PC gaming that is constructed of high end specifications with best quality:

Choose the brand of components of PC Gaming

There are so many brands of computer components which are sold over the counter, each brand has its own advantages. For the game heavy gaming, you can entrust the best gaming computer components with iconic brands such as Asus, Corsair, Gigabyte, Logitech, Razer, SonicGear, Steel Series, MSI, Power Color, etc. All other components of the computer gaming that it costs are more affordable but quality is very good for gaming PC high end specifications Assembly.

Choose A

A is the core or the brain of a computer, without a computer can not be used. For heavy gaming, you must specify a computer gaming is the best. In the market there are two frequently used a type and quality that is Intel and AMD. Intel and AMD is good for a gaming PC high end assemblies specifications. You can choose a Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 and AMD Vishera FX for the game game.

Choose RAM Memory

For the game play, You certainly should consider RAM or memory on PC gaming that is constructed of high end specifications. If RAM is higher then the good game that can be played smoothly. Most computers or laptops currently use RAM memory is great especially if its specifications for gaming. For the game play, you can select a computer with at least 2 GB of RAM, meanwhile, to gaming middle-class and heavy game, choose a computer that has at least 4 GB of RAM or more.

The type of the currently popular RAM is DDR3, DDR2 and DDR starts left. But 2014 and then DDR4, was certainly offer higher speed and lower power consumption. DDR 4 definitely more expensive, but until now, DDR3 is still playable for top-class games. The price is quite affordable.

Select Hard Drive

Hard drive, is a data storage for files on your computer. For the best gaming computer, use the sata hard drive a minimum of 500 GB to 1 TB. Then for heavy gaming and needs editing, use a storage hard drive hard drive and high-speed large-capacity so that it can store a wide range of games. And if your budget adequate use of SSD also on PC gaming that is constructed of high end specification yours.

Short, if you want to speed read on Your HDD super toned, then use the SSD instead of using a regular HDD (SATA 3.5 inch 7200 RPM for example). The SSD has a variety of advantages including speed of read/write are much firmer than HDD, quiet (no noise), smaller size, and more resilient to jolts.

Select VGA Card

VGA or graphic card is essential for assembled gaming PC high end specs, as to display an image on the screen of the monitor. VGA quality produces better image and to play games. For mendpatkan VGA card your best gaming harups pay attention to its specifications such as the VGA card brands, core speed, memory capacity vga, vga memory clock speed, memory type, memory vga interface vga, vga out port, the kind and type of PCIe vga directx.

Choosing A Motherboard

To select a motherboard is indeed not to be indiscriminate because it has to be adapted to the socket. Each has a socket that is not the same. Therefore, choose a motherboard for gaming PC high end specifications Assembly that has a socket in accordance with the needs of a.

There are several new Processor type that requires special chipset to get gaming PC assembled high end specifications maximum denganperforma. Example: 4770K is the Intel Core i7 processor overclocking features, so to get maximum performance then you should use a motherboard with a chipset or Z87 Z97.

Choose A Power Supply

The more good the components you use to assemble the Assembly gaming PC high end specs, of course the more power needed, too. Power supply, true to its name, going through your computer with the power needed. Do not let you buy components that are super powerful, but the power supply you have no strong power supply is needed.

Choose Monitor

To monitor gaming depending on your taste. Some things to note for memlilih best gaming monitor LED is better and more power saving LCD let alone compared to CRT. 19 inch size is most popular, if there are more funds might be able to pick the 22 inch. The resolution of the larger more smooth, adjust your graphics card with the ability to Choose which box or widescreen? Depending on taste, box better for graphic design, widescreen is better suited for those of you who watch sports movies.

Choosing A Chassis/Case

You need to bring together all the components of the above in one home. That’s when the casing is required. Choose a casing PC gaming is actually a decision easy-easy hard to reply, this could be even more important than choosing a motherboard, casing yg You choose will determine what kind of reply is really fit to enter into it.

Order PC case there are a few types, ranging from small-sized yg like Mini-ITX yg does it mean quite concise for your desk, and wrote a large tower like full yg is designed to upgrade the maximum capability with different types of extra parts. Not only that, the election will also determine the display casing PC Gaming You like what, beauty of form and beauty of your gaming rig.

Reference The Assembly Gaming PC High End Specifications

For those of you who have the funds more please just setting up the high end gaming computer. However it is the price that will be paid is very expensive. The most fundamental thing that differentiate Mid end and the high end is located on the processor, VGA, and secondary storage. Usually for high end gaming computer, the processor that is used is the AMD Vishera FX-8320E/8350 FX or intel core i5/i7.

Well to high end VGA, using a very nice VGA image resolution so be ultra HD like VGA Club Radeon Rohrbaugh R9 280X 3 GB DDR5 384 bits, and Inno 3D Geforce GTX 960 4 GB DDR5 OC with Asrock motherboard combination, RAM brand of Patriots, and some of the specs are similar. Dibandrol Environment Fund typically 9 million to 12 million dollars.

Although expensive, but High end PC performance is no doubt very fast and guaranteed anti hang and anti ngelag, latest games 2016 weigh whatever you play such games GTA V, Pes 2011, Watch Dogs 2, Battlefield, Call of Duty 5, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, etc will definitely be seamlessly run on PC gaming that is constructed of high end specification yours.

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Rafting Up To Play Paintball, Probolinggo

Probolinggo is a small town that is rarely dirilik. Even before that not many know that this small town was under Mount Bromo. However, it is now finally reached began to develop and offer a variety of natural beauty, as well as keseruan in berpetualangan. If you only know the Madakaripura Waterfall, which is where the disposal of Grand Vizier Gajah Mada, then it’s time you became acquainted with real water tours, Songa.

Lion Adventure is in the village of Ranu Pawpaw, Tiris, Probolinggo, East Java. The village is not too far from the town of Probolinggo. Along the way, you will be treated to a view of the trees green and refreshing to the eye, and the winding streets. Well, not too adventurous, but already started to feel the excitement. Well, what’s in Songa Adventure, anyway?


Click here: bali to gili trawangan by bluewater express

Experience Exciting River Rafting in Pekalen

Rafting, white water rafting or indeed the excitement carried out together with friends. Game crashing water rafting this could foster a cohesiveness between friends, you know. In Lion Adventure, rafting will be conducted along the river Pekalen. Songa offers two packages, namely Pekalen and Pekalen. For a super fun experience, with a view of the beauty of the forest, as well as the bats out of the caves, select Package Pekalen. Packages for Pekalen Down, the scenery is beautiful Kirkland closer look around and enjoy the culture of local wisdom. Rafting for once, usually reached within approximately 3 hours until the finish. Bayangin can tense and thrill with best friend for 3 hours, right?

Who Is Afraid Of Water, Could Be Main Outbound, Lho

There are some people who are afraid of heights, or do not like water. However, that does not mean they can not enjoy the thrill of adventure and play with nature. One solution is to play outbound. Obviously, the game is more exciting is done in conjunction with the group. Lion Adventure also provides outbound packages, lho. It could also invite friends sekantor to momentarily leave the job of saturating and replace them with green scenery. Guaranteed, come home-home is already fresh and the more compact with friends.

Sharpening Set Strategy by playing Paintball

The guy who claims to be the true gamers will definitely feel very challenged to play pointball. Pointball is a war with a similar weapon using the original with bullets made from balls of paint. This game required cohesiveness and skill set strategies. Well, when else could play live war, not just in front of the laptop or PS, ya? And don’t worry, the game pointball in Songa Adventure is very safe because all the equipment is in compliance with the standard and professional instructors.

Defeat Fear by trying the High-Flying Fox

Enjoy the adventure exclamation in Songa Adventure does not have to flock or flocking, kok. Both, or even yourself can also enjoy adrenaline by trying to rope on this one game. Many have referred to it as the Flying Fox, but this game is included in the activities of the Rope Course. For those afraid of heights, do not need to worry because the Flying Fox in Songa Adventure using the peralawatan secure and also provided a friendly Companion. So, want to flock or alone, equally exciting, really!

Songa morning air shuttles with a stay at the Griya Skew

It seemed a shame really when it’s up in Songa Adventure but just try one game only, isn’t it? Well, you can stay at the Griya Skew that is already provided in Lion Adventure. The Inn is made of bamboo, this makes you feel really is in the middle of the natural, isn’t it. By staying, you can try all the Games Adventure exclamation in Songa without fatigue. And as a bonus, you cannot miss the typical morning mountain air seldom really can you be in urban areas.

Well, needless to far, it turns out that in our environment there is also a tourist spot that offers adventure with rafting and nature. Sure ya do not want to try?

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How to Buy Cars in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar made this phenomenal series unrelenting played despite its launch has been more than two years. Until now, not all PC gamers were able to enjoy GTA V due to the limited power of the hardware. At least, the actual PC low-med also been able to run this AAA game in playable framerate.


Well, one interesting thing from GTA V is an evocative exploration.

For example, to buy a car just feels very different than previous versions of GTA. GTA V with the impression the real world into the game. This change was felt when Rockstar focus on the online store to buy certain items for gta 5 money generator
But this would be disconcerting. Why? Not many know that the system of vehicle purchases are also made online (in the game).So that players can more easily buy something without the need to buy into the store directly, given folder GTA V is very broad. It takes extra patience to travel from one point to another.The reason?

Looking for car dealers in GTA V

In addition to be able to buy a car, we are also required to have a garage.

Then, how to buy a car in GTA V?

1. Before you can buy a car, my friend should have a private garage. Private garage is not a garage in the house. The garage is only obtained by purchase. Buddy can find its location via Maps

2. Buy the garage

3. Once purchased, open the browser via smartphone belonging karakte

4. Type “car” in the column like this and then find

5. Click to link button as video But my friend also can choose other sellers

6. Determine the car you want to purchase, select a color, then click Order. Be sure buddy sufficient to conduct transactions

Because the car is not the cheap stuff in GTA V, then there are some important things that should I suggested to my friend about this car:
Cars purchased if it is lost or explodes it will not be able to return again
Almost all the cars can be modified
It is advisable to put back in the car after use if you do not want to disappear
The car is badly damaged, while not explode if inserted again into the garage it will recover
The garage can contain up to 4 cars
Whoever entered the car into the garage mate, automatically become the property of pal
Each car has different characteristics. For example in the case of modification, some parts of which can be mounted on a car may not necessarily be installed on the car B. In addition, although the durability, strength machines, the quality of tires, braking performance of each car is different.

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